Tired of bickering with your partner? Here’s to how to make things work

Everyone fights, but constant bickering can lead to huge problems in relationships. If you too are facing the same issue, here is how you can stop bickering and restore peace in your relationship.
Love & Relationships,bickering Tired of bickering with your partner? Here’s to how to make things work
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Fights and arguments are a part of every relationship. Some degree of conflict with partners can even be healthy, as it means both people are expressing themselves and letting their emotions fester. But sometimes these occasional disagreements turn into constant bickering. Bickering tends to be more destructive, and it suddenly turns toxic, and things get worse with each passing day. 

Everyone gets on each other’s nerves from time to time, but constant bickering may lead to bigger fights. However, things can work out if you’re willing to make the necessary changes in your life. All you need is to change the attitude to show your partner that you care, which in turn will calm them down. 

Here’s how you can prevent bickering in your relationship. 

1- Don’t try to win an argument every time you fight. It shouldn’t be about winning the argument, but understanding the situation and working through it to make your relationship stronger. 

2- Things may be tough right now, but there was a time when there was a spark in the relationship. Remember the good time that was filled with innocent flirting, touching hands, romantic dates and so on. Reminiscing the good days will help you mellow down. 

3- Can you imagine your life without your partner? Constant bickering only makes things worse and may even lead to a break-up. So, if you really want to save the relationship, think about what you will lose if you lose your partner. 

4- Most of the time, bickering is a result of our own idiosyncrasies. Think with a calm mind what is it that is annoying your partner. Is it your possessiveness? Is it your flirting habit? 

5- It’s human nature to get defensive when someone accuses you of something. But sometimes, you should take a step back and examine the situation before you lash out. 

6- Take a breather when you notice that you’re unable to control the situation. Sometimes, walking away is the only defence you can choose. 

7- We all have our fair share of bad days, but refrain from getting into a heated conversation with your partner. Avoid talking to your partner on bad days so that it doesn’t turn into something much bigger and worse. 

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