Top 5 signs that he is dominating

Signs which show that he is dominating without you realising it
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Love can make some people go crazy, while things start out all sweet initially, after a point, it is not rainbows and unicorns anymore. Your man may turn into an over protective, dominating and controlling cave-man! So much so that you find it difficult to breathe.

Girls, lets admit that we like a little protectiveness and brawniness in our man, but it is very important to understand the thin line between a man being protective and one being over protective and chauvinistic in a relationship. Dominance in a relationship can curtain all the fun and freedom and eventually make you feel enslaved.

Freedom is the crux of every relationship. Even though you love your partner, both you and your man are two different entities with your own way of looking at life and doing things differently from one another.

Sometimes it is difficult to analyse if it is love or plain controlling behaviour leading you to ignore the signs if your relationship is still in its incipient stage and you are so much into him. While love comes with a set of its own unpleasant emotions, like jealousy and tendency to overpower the other person it is truly grievous and unhealthy to feel blamed and manipulated about every move you make. Here are the 5 signs which show that your man is dominating over you and you are late to realise it :

1. Your life should revolve around him and only him

He is super happy and jovial when you dress up for him, go out with him, ask him how you look, talk about his day and interests and do basically whatever he likes. But he hates it when you enjoy ONE day with your own set of buddies. You can only be happy when you're doing something with him and your life should revolve around only him and that will keep him happy. Girls, this is your number one cue!

2. He mistrusts you

Trust is the FOUNDATION of every healthy relationship. A dominating boyfriend will keep doubting you and won't trust you with anyone but himself. He gets all suspicious when you talk to another guy or when you don’t pick up his call.

3. He needs you at a moment’s notice

It doesn't matter to him if you’re in the middle of something important, he cannot imagine you not being there when he needs you. Even before you know it, he starts behaving like he owns you. Especially when you have an active social life and you know way too many people.

4. He blames you for everything

He makes you feel like you're never good enough. He chooses not to directly confront you about what is bothering him, his comments and reactions will ultimately make you go through a guilt trip and make you feel like you are the one to blame for his behaviour or with whatever he is going through.

5. He has unpredictable mood swings

He is easily angered and upset. It becomes difficult for you to predict how he might react to anything. He might just give you a silent treatment or become passive aggressive for no reason.

If you think, your man displays more than one of these signs of being dominant, then it is time you sit down and give some serious thought to it. Talk to him and try to make him understand that he might lose you by being very dominant and controlling. Also, it is important to maintain an emotional balance in the relationship if he truly loves you.


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