THESE zodiac signs are likely to text their EX during the quarantine

Boredom can make you do a lot of things but the worse one by far is texting your ex. Find out the 5 zodiac signs who are most likely to text their ex during the quarantine
TOP 5 zodiac signs who are most likely to text their EX during the quarantine lockdown TOP 5 zodiac signs who are most likely to text their EX during the quarantine lockdown
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Days are turning into weeks and weeks are turning into months, but this pandemic does not seem to go away. While we are pretty sure that it might last longer, there’s a great chance that boredom has got the worse of you. While baking, cleaning and cooking have proved to be a great distraction, there are certain people who have gone down the rabbit hole. Texting your ex is one thing, but doing it out of boredom and loneliness is other. There are a few zodiac signs who are most likely to text their ex if they haven’t already.


You are a homebody. So, staying inside is actually not a task for you. But, when time passes and the boredom turns to loneliness, that is when things start to go downhill. This is when your hand slowly starts creeping towards your phone and you are suddenly hit with a blast from the past. Resisting any such urge during this stressful time is the only way forward. 


Leo, you love attention even if it comes from all the wrong place. Being caught in your house alone does very less for your ego and need for attention. So, like everyone else on this list, you tend to reach out to your ex to satisfy that need of attention. You just find a different kind of thrill in doing so but, channel it into chatting with your friends instead of falling off in the dark hole again. 


You’re having the time of your life at home. Reading, binge-watching, talking to friends, cooking and working out is calming you down. But, you like the thrill of trying something out that is forbidden. You seem bored with the monotony which is why you know what to say to whom aka your ex and when to turn things around. But, just playing with emotions (both yours and your ex’s) does not sound like a great plan, try dating apps to channel that energy elsewhere. You never know you might find someone great!


You are a true social creature which is why you are feeling trapped even if your movement is confined to your own house. You like gossip and love to be involved in it and with everything on lockdown, the chances are that you aren’t getting what you crave for. This is the reason why you tend to create a controversial situation in your own life i.e you text your ex. Refrain from doing so and instead pick up a hobby that you can boast about to your friends. 


Cancer, you’re super emotional and you know it. So, when you are left alone for a long, long time, you start to dwell upon old feelings and scenarios. No matter how happy or sad these memories are, there’s a great chance you might text your ex in the process. Try channelling the emotions in a positive place. It’s time to text the guy/girl you met at the cafe, you never know what potential they might have!

Who else do you think can text their ex during the lockdown? Let us know in the comments section below.