Valentines Day 2019: The romantic comedies you should watch tonight based on your ZODIAC sign

Updated on Feb 15, 2019 06:37 PM IST  |  1.5M
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Valentines Day 2019: The romantic comedies you should watch tonight based on your ZODIAC sign (A screenshot from The Proposal)

The day of love is finally here and while some might want to spend the night out and have a candle lit dinner or sway to romantic beats, a casual night at home is the plan for others. Even at home, how much can you talk and eat and drink? At the end of the day you're going to want to put on a cheesy flick or binge watch your favourite shows. But then the dilemma of what to watch arises. The vast array of choices offered by numerous streaming platforms doesn't help either. 

But since the starts can predict everything, they can also tell you what to watch according to your zodiac personality. Take a look!



Aries are stubborn in love much like their symbol - the ram. Sandra Bullock's character in The Proposal is the perfect depiction of the sign. This rom-com is exactly what all Aries should watch since they will relate to it a lot. 



Easygoing and dependable, just like Olive from Easy A are the perfect Taurus. She is always there for her friends and goes out of her way to keep them happy. Taurus also want to climb the social ladder and make loads of money, just like Olive. 



Living the double life since day one, Selena Gomez' Monte Carlo where she leads a double life is perfect for the Gemini since they are constantly juggling between both of their personalities. 



A love-troubled person who is career bound, is the perfect depiction of a Cancer. The spontaneous yet emotional Bridget Jones's life is somewhat a similar depiction of yours. Binge on all of the Bridget Jones Diary movies tonight and be a part of her/your emotional rollercoaster life. 



Patrick Dempsey's Made of Honor is the romantic comedy you should be binging on tonight, Leo. This love story proves that good things happen when the Leo puts their ego aside and be optimistic about love. 



Anal and meticulous planners, To All The Boys I've Loved Before, makes for the perfect film for Virgos. This film perfectly depicts that when you start catch feeling for somebody, keeping your agreement isn't as easy. 



Kind, gentle and admirers of beauty and harmony, Crazy, Stupid Love, is the film you should be watching tonight since it is sure to disarm and charm you, leaving you feeling all warm and fuzzy. 



We know that you can't stand bullshit and the only film perfect for you is How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. Kate Hudson's character is much like yours - she has a mission and wishes to follow it. But the craziness of love is sure to leave you head over heels just like in the film. 



Big city girl finds out it's hard to not have feelings for an old flame and is caught up between her present and past. Relatable Sagittarius? Time to watch Sex And The City!



Constantly doubting everything around them - it is time to set up station and watch Mr and Mrs Smith or The Rebound for a good and heartfelt romance that will reinstate your belief in the emotion. 



A great friend who shows up no matter what and who will sacrifice her love for the sake of everybody and everything around them - 27 Dresses should be your choice of the night Aquarius. 



There is no better film than A Cinderella Story for you, Pisces. The whole idea of being saved by your knight in shining armour is your dream. Watch this film with your loved one for the perfect romantic night. 


Which film are you set to watch tonight? Comment below and let us know. 


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