Valentine's Day 2020: The BEST gifts to give yourself on this day of love

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Valentine's Day 2020: The BEST gifts to give yourself on this day of love

We often find our daily routine to be a constant hustle leaving us feeling pressurised and stressed, also leaving us with little time to ourselves. Our mind takes over the job of constantly creating stories and scenarios that rarely happen, elevating our stress levels, and eventually leading to health issues.
To curb the stress, we take long relaxing vacations, burning holes into our pockets (the planning is even more stressful, you agree, don’t you?), only to return to the circle of stress that washes away the surreal feeling of relaxation.
Instead, why not take several ‘Mini vacations’ during our chaotic schedules through simple mindful practices and give our minds a breath of fresh relaxation every day? (doesn’t hurt your pocket too!)

Mindful breaths
Breath is the essence of our life. No Breath, No You! This also makes for the easiest way to de-stress yourself. Just pause, and take 02 deep breaths every hour and give yourself a break.

Take a count of 5 for each – Inhale ~ Hold ~ Exhale

Mindful Walking
Take a pause for 2 minutes, walk around slowly in your office space, house or classroom and observe the movement of your feet. Notice the rhythm of the heel to toe and the pattern that each foot makes when it makes contact with the ground. If you have grass or garden around you, the icing on the cake!

Mindful Eating
During meals, say goodbye to mobiles & hello to food! Eat slowly to observe and cherish each bite. Discover each ingredient involved and experience the burst of flavours in your mouth. Practising this helps you relish new flavours like never before!

Mindful Listening
In a conversation, who does your ear favour - Your murmuring mind or the other person? If it’s the latter, HURRAY! But if it’s the former, let’s try to mute all biases our mind brings up, and truly listen to them & understand what they mean to derive. You’d like that too, wouldn’t you?

Mindful Speaking
“Oh shoot, I shouldn’t have said that!”
Have you been a victim too?
We feel taking a brief pause before words escape our mouth really helps, try it for yourself! The art of mindful communication is observing your intention, your thoughts before communicating and taking your time to reflect & then react (only if necessary)!

Little mindful vacations shall serve you the tea of relaxation every day! Let this be the best Valentine’s Day gift for yourself this year.

About the author: Poonam Arora is the founder of White Light Elements.

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