Happy Rose Day 2019: Know the meaning and significance behind each rose colour before gifting them

With the onset of the week of love, start off by knowing what each rose colour means before giving it, to send the right message!
Love & Relationships,valentines week,rose day,valentines day 2019Happy Rose Day!
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The month of love is finally here and as Valentine's Day is fast approaching, lovers are finding ways to take things up a notch and spread romance in the air. The long week of love begins with Rose Day when people give roses to people they love. The gesture is an important one to communicate feelings to that special someone. But what not many know, is that each rose colour has a meaning behind it. So know the right meaning of each rose colour before gifting it to your loved one and wishing them a Happy Rose Day!
White Roses
White is often considered the colour of peace, innocence and chastity. Gifting somebody a white rose means that you are holding up a white flag and want to start things over. They mark a new beginning. 
Yellow Roses
Since the colour is so bright and can instantly brighten up one's day, just the way friends do, the yellow rose stands specifically for friendship. 
Orange Roses
The colour Orange exudes energy and passion. Since the colour is a mix of yellow and red, this symbolises a bridge between friendship and romance - maybe a start to something new. 
Pink Roses
The colour pink symbolises gentleness and admiration. Give these roses to somebody you admire relentlessly. They also symbolise gratitude and appreciation towards the other person. 
Purple Rose
Quite a rarity, lavender roses mean "love at first sight" because the phenomenon is almost as rare as the rose itself! The colour is also gorgeous and perfect for expressing these special feelings. 
Green Roses
Green being the colour of life and growth signifies fertility and rejuvenation. Green is pleasing to the eye and exudes richness, balance and peace. 
Blue Roses
Blue indicates mystery and attempting to attain the unattainable. Giving a blue rose generally means that the person is extraordinary and you want to get to know the person better. 
Black Roses
Black is usually synonymous with death and mourning but they can have a positive meaning as well. The colour also stands for change and signals the birth of a new era, new hope and courage. 
Red Roses
The most obvious, red stands for love, passion, romance and desire. It indicates the classic "I Love You" which is why it is the most popular choice for Valentine's Day. Red roses also indicate that you are ready to commit to the other person. 
So now that you know what each rose colour signifies, choose wisely! Maybe even try your hand at experimentation and gift your loved one a multitude of colours. 

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