Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus: The silly reason you will be disappointed by your partner based on your zodiac sign

Post this lunar eclipse, things are set to change. If you haven't been disappointed in love already, here's why it will happen based on your zodiac sign.
Love & Relationships,horoscope,zodiac sign,astrologyVirgo, Aquarius, Taurus: The silly reason you will be disappointed by your partner based on your zodiac sign
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One of the most significant things we have in life, is love. It makes the world go round and upside down. It also tends to be disappointing from time to time in life. Some might have been disappointed earlier while others will be in the future by love. Here is how you are bound to be disappointed by love, based on your Zodiac sign. 


You tend to set extremely high standards when it comes to love and expectations. You set yourself up so much that many of these things cannot be attained and tend to expect too much from your significant other, which will lead to inevitable disappointment. 


When it comes to love, you have a bucket list even for that! You want your partner to have everything form riches to cars the the best career and everything more. This will lead to you being disappointed of course. 


You will be disappointed in love because of too many misunderstandings. You will just not get what your partner is trying to explain and think of it in a completed different way. You might try to understand them but end up feeling stupid later on. 


You will be disappointed in love because your partner doesn't share the same interests in you, leading you to miss out all the things you are interested in including art, music, films, etc. You are unable to have fun the way you want to. 


You love to act in your own time and hate when you are pressurised or asked to make choices, which your partner often does. You want to take your own time so you don't regret the choices you have made under pressure. 


When there is no communication, there is nothing more upsetting for you. Your partner will find the need to take breaks, switch off from the social and digital world but you need to constantly check in with them and know all details about them at all times. This lack of communication will end up disappointing you. 


There is nothing that disappoints you more than not getting all the attention from the person you are with. Your partner will be great at everything, including dividing their attention between everything and everybody important to them. When you aren't getting all their attention, nothing will disappoint you more. 


You seem to run on the pride that everything needs to be fair and you practice it deeply. The sad part is that you expect it from others too. When you see somebody and most importantly your partner being impractical, unjust, or acting on emotions rather than being practical, nothing will disappoint you more. 


For Librans, the people around them to enjoy and be exactly like you are. If their partner does not like socialising, partying or even the same lifestyle as they do, know that nothing will disappoint them more than this. 


Scorpians are in constant search of control. They need everything intricately planned out and for everybody around them to follow it. Spontaneity is not one of their strongest suits, which is something that their partner will love, and nothing will disappoint them more than not having to plan out how things are going to pan out. 


The biggest loners of the zodiac sign, Sagis hate when their personal space is invaded. Their partners will not have the same idea and sense of personal space and match up to their level of interaversion, causing a huge riff and loads of disappointment in the Sagittarius. 


A huge team player, Capricorns love to be involved in everything. They love making plans, supporting their closest friends and being social animals. Their partner on their other hand could be antisocial and not quite the team player. This will be disappointing for them as they would like their partner also to be as involved as they are. 

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