Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus: Zodiac signs who NEVER get over a breakup 

The most difficult thing about a breakup, is moving on from it. These are the zodiac signs who never manage to do so.
Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus: Zodiac signs who NEVER get over a breakup 
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Relationships are one of the toughest thing one can ever go through. Now only do they test one's patience and personality, but also when they end, it causes a pain like no other. They say, the most difficult thing about a breakup, is getting over it. 
Once the person has moved on, starting a new chapter is easy. They can fall in love again and learn to live again. 
But what about those who haven't really healed from the past? The ones who live with broken hearts and live only through their memories? 
Every person's zodiac sign reveals a lot about them, including how soon they can move on from a breakup. 


Known for their intense emotions, Taureans love being in a committed relationship because they believe in teamwork and love being emotionally and physically connected to somebody. This zodiac sign also takes a while to build a strong foundation to the relationship so when it ends, their world turns upside down. They don't know how to handle the unfamiliar feeling and can almost never move past a breakup if they were emotionally connected. 


The perfectionist among all signs, Virgos take their time to ensure everything is perfect. This zodiac sign believes that they are the shoulder of all responsibilities in the relationship. If something does go wrong, they have a guilt like no other and feel like they didn't do enough to make things work out. This makes it very hard for them to get over any relationship. 


Known for not falling for things easily, this zodiac sign usually takes ages to get over a breakup mostly because they are in denial. Aquarians do everything except acknowledge that they are dealing with a broken heart or any kind of loss. Instead, they push it aside and pretend to go on with their lives until they break down completely. 


One of the most misunderstood Zodiac signs, Scorpions take the longest time to get romantically involved with anybody. Once they are broken up, they build a wall around themselves in order to protect their feelings and isolate themselves completely. This makes it extremely difficult for them to move on. 


This Zodiac sign wears their heart on their sleeve but despite that, once they are invested in a relationship emotionally, getting over it after a breakup is not simple for them. To protect themselves they lie about how over they are the past but when in reality, they are just in denial. 

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