Virgo, Aries, Scorpio: Zodiac signs ranked based on who is more likely to BREAK your promises

From the level of their honesty to the likeliness of them cheating, Zodiac signs determine a lot about a person. Here are all the zodiac signs ranked based on who is more likely to BREAK your promises.
relationship,zodiac sign,promise Zodiac signs ranked based on who is more likely to BREAK your promises
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How important is the word PROMISE to you? There’s something magical when a person promises something and lives up to it. While there is no legal contract that is going to bind you together, a promise is a word that people do not often relate to. Some of them are likely to break it and it does define their personality. Here are all the zodiac signs ranked on who is more likely to break a promise.



They are people pleasers and there’s no denying that. They will tell you things just to make you happy and then almost immediately forget what they had promised. If Geminis make you a promise, they will only fulfil it if you are standing right there. Once you turn your back, they will most likely try to impress someone else.



Aquarius’ are good at keeping promises to themselves. Once they make a promise to others they are likely to fly away. This is because they cannot stand to be trapped or feel limited in any way. If you want to make them fulfil a promise, you will have to push them too hard. 



Librans try to please any and everyone with their charming personality. But the thing that they do not realize is that they cannot make everyone happy. Librans are most likely to break your promises because he/she is already caught up fulfiling many others. 



Sometimes Pisces’ emotions can get in the way of them. They often get crazy and make promises until they realize what they have done. So if you want a Pisces to fulfil the promise they made, make sure to send them on a guilt trip. They become overly motivated when emotions are involved.



Sagittarius’ are dreamy and larger than life. They will promise you the moon and stars and they think that they will be able to deliver it. No one is more surprised than Sag when it turns out that they can’t actually perform miracles.



Aries’ are very impulsive and that comes with their personality. They tend to make huge promises and alliances and work really hard to fulfil them. However, they might appreciate an opportunity to back out or tone it down a little.



Taureans are honest and up-front. However, they will only make promises to you if they have something to gain out of it. They also understand that they have nothing to gain if they break the promises! So they will most likely fulfil every promise they make. 



Cancerians will not make promises if it requires going out of their comfort zone but when they make one, they will move mountains to fulfil them. However, they take a certain passive-aggressive pride in keeping their word: if you break a promise to Cancer, you’ll hear about it for the rest of your life. 



Leo has a reputation to live up to. Their life depends upon how people see them. So they can usually be counted on to live up to their word when they say they’ll do something. Sometimes they can be so consumed in this that they end up making promises they cannot deliver.



Capricorns are practical in nature. So they will never make promises that they cannot deliver. However, if they do end up making a promise, they will fulfil it no matter what.



They are always over-analyzing in every situation. So, for every situation, they have thought of the worst thing possible. They will only make a promise if they are extremely sure about the outcome. They also have a great track record of living up to their word, so consider your promise fulfiled once they have made it.



As problematic as Scorpios can be sometimes, they have great personal pride. Getting things out of them can be a very difficult task, but once they make a promise they will do everything to make it happen. 


Which Zodiac sign has had a track record of breaking your promises? Let us know in the comments section below.

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