Virgo, Leo, Scorpio: Zodiac signs ranked by how difficult it is to love them

It is just difficult to connect with some people which makes loving them seem like a task, Read on to know how your sign ranks!
Virgo, Leo, Scorpio: Zodiac signs ranked by how difficult it is to love themVirgo, Leo, Scorpio: Zodiac signs ranked by how difficult it is to love them
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People are built and structured differently. While some are extremely open and giving, others are equally closed up and hostile. Some are ready to invest all they have into other people and relationships while for others, it is not worth the effort. With some people, a connection forms almost instantly. With others, even after years there is no connect. 
Every sign has their own traits and sensibilities that make them very easy or hard to love. Find out how you rank when it comes to being loved. 

Zodiac signs ranked by how difficult it is to love them. 


Practical by nature, Virgos have rules that need to be followed even when it comes to love. If you don't have shared interests with them, having a relationship is difficult. 


They are known to blow over from hot to cold within minutes. Scorpios are also known to play mind games, which don't exactly make them easy to love. They also have a tough time deciding how they feel about a person which poses as yet another hassle. 


Very hard to commit to anything or anyone, Sagittarians aren't adaptive to other people's lifestyles and can't compromise at all. This makes it easy to be around their free-spirited nature for a short time but it does get difficult to love them over time. 


Extremely friendly by nature, Aquarians are extremely private people and have their guard very high. They are extremely independent and believe that they don't need anybody to be happy, which makes them push people away. This trait makes it hard to love them. 


Every relationship is like a business deal for a Capricorn. They are extremely practical and calculative which makes it difficult to love them since they can't open up their hearts to imagination or romance. 


When they like somebody or are invested, Geminis tend to become very vulnerable. Their personality may be a little overwhelming and they have the ability to make you feel trapped in a relationship. 


Leos often want people around them to think they are the best at everything. They constantly need praise and attention which is a huge downside to being with or loving a Leo. 


Aries know how to keep things interesting and a conversation going. The downside to being with an Aries and what makes loving them difficult, is that they are very fierce and impulsive. Responding to their passion is not everybody's cup of tea. 


It is not very difficult to love a Taurus for they are loyal and reliable. The only downside to being with them is they can get boring and life might become too slow with them. 


For Librans; making you happy makes them happy. They only have your best interests at heart and are extremely appreciative of even smaller efforts you make. This makes it easy and simple to love them. 


Pisceans are known to love you with all they have. If you are the kind of person who wants and isn't scared of an intense and passionate love, being with and loving a Piscean is a piece of cake!


Cancerians are made for love. They are the most nurturing sign of the Zodiac and enjoy taking care of others without expecting any back. Loving a Cancer is a rewarding experience and comes with a thrill of its own. 

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This Day That Year
Anonymous 1 week ago

So right about Leo men.

Anonymous 1 week ago

this is so wrong what they saying about Leo's. I am a Leo and I am female and you wear hear me roar if we are in a relationship and you pissed me off. This is because Leo women we are faithful we are loyal and we love hard. We are protectors we are providers we are the backbones of our men. And when we find out but I know your teeth and I love and our commitment are not matched and if we feel as if you have betrayed us, you will feel it and we probably won't never let it go and move on from it. To have a Leo woman love you is a blessing and a curse, but the curse only comes if we find out that you have betrayed us.

Anonymous 1 week ago

For a moment there I thought you were talking about me.

Anonymous 1 week ago

Most of the responses from the loes were pretty typical,they don't like any criticism

Anonymous 1 week ago

I don't know why people think all the ghastly things about leo.u have a responsibility of balancing good and bad thing of a horoscope.but u didn't with leo.I am a leo and always busy in my work but never except anyone's attention.

Anonymous 1 week ago

Lol, guys... This is a two sentence blanket horoscope from a site name "pinkvilla". Don't read to deeply into it. - Scorpio

Anonymous 1 week ago

Exactly lol. Sun signs aren’t that reliable for interpretation anyway

Anonymous 1 week ago

Agree, Leo's like me don't need attention from anybody we jus work a little more harder than most signs In different things. That doesn't click to me, us wanting to be good at everything.....Negative We Love harder then most Horoscopes also. Also This is just some everybody is different in their own way a lot of times. I don't even read these because they are not true for certain people because All leo's, libra's, Aquarius, Gemini & etc are all not The same, not a "most" . Be smart enough to Relize that.

Anonymous 1 week ago

It's the Scorpio who is the most intense; not the Pisces.... And that commemt about "mindgames" are simply not true

Anonymous 1 week ago

Don't know who or what LEO'S you dealt with your wrong about MY this leo nothing like you and others have said .You al need to stop saying all LEO'S are this or that.

Anonymous 1 week ago

U r absolutely right.i am also leo,but often compromise if it is needed.

Anonymous 1 week ago


Anonymous 1 week ago


Anonymous 1 week ago

I DONT THINK SO! Leo's are a pain in the b**! They are bossy, loud, inflexible and ALWAYS want attention! Leo? NO THANK YOU !!

Anonymous 1 week ago

Scorpio are horrible men my husband has lied cheated and been a ho husband all our married life

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