Virgo Lovers Guide: All you need to know before this Valentines Day

A Virgo truly believes that partnership means "what's mine is yours”. In love with a Virgo or are you one yourself? Read along to find out about what love means to these perfectionists !
Love & RelationshipsVirgo Lovers Guide: All you need to know before this Valentines Day
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Virgo has super high standards set in life because of which finding love can be slightly challenging for the souls under this sign. As the people born under this zodiac are perfectionists, it’s hard for anyone to measure up to their criteria. Virgo scrutinises every facet about a person with squinting eyes. They don’t mean any harm—they just can’t help noticing every detail! Virgos might seem intimidating to their suitors or potential partners from time to time. Underneath it all is the fact that they’re just incredibly hard on themselves. So loosen up Virgo!

What is love for Virgo?

For these souls, love is a mystery to which they are happy and content to surrender. They do like to indulge in simple pleasures of life and love is one of them. When in a relationship, they are super devoted, but their love has a harsh practical side to it. As the sign of the helper, Virgos need to be needed. This can tempt them to fall for a “fixer-upper” type who leaves them drained and unsupported. Their active minds may not allow them to let their hair down. Often their greatest love is their work, home and place where they can create a perfect atmosphere. All Virgos must be sure that they are not falling for a person’s potential, but for the love and imperfections they have to offer. Just because you’re capable of running the show doesn’t mean that you should!

Akshya Kumar - Virgo (Image source: Instagram)

Virgo Love Personality

Wise and worldly though they are, there’s a certain childlike innocence about them as well. No matter how tough or wild Virgos act, when it comes to romance, they have an old-fashioned streak. Capable of dissecting, de-constructing and analysing almost everything, Virgos believe in submitting to the norm for the benefit of duty and practicality. According to these souls, understanding the vitality to serve, to work and to take on responsibilities with a serious approach in order to sustain, compete and survive. They protect their heart very dearly. They want to make sure that their mate will live up to the ideal image that they're crafting in their mind. It takes an eternity for Virgos to let go and be themselves with their partner in a relationship.

Kareena Kapoor Khan - Virgo (Image source: Instagram)

When Virgo is in love

Virgo loves HARD and they are always in search of the kind of love where souls, minds and bodies seamlessly merge. They love to take care of their loved ones, creating the perfect havens for them. Almost always they know what they're looking for in love. However, once Virgos give their heart, they give everything. Most Virgos possess pure, innocent hearts and are guileless in love. They expect absolute honesty and give the same in return. Jealousy and competitiveness may put their relationship in jeopardy. They believe in lifelong love, a break-up or betrayal can be particularly devastating and put them through very difficult distress. Making plenty of physical contact including morning kisses and long evening embraces, massages and time in the sheets is key to keeping your Virgo happy.

Blake Lively who is a Virgo with husband Ryan Reynolds (Image source: Instagram)


Virgo Love compatibility

Virgo souls are the most compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn and the least compatible with Gemini and Sagittarius.

Do’s while dating a Virgo

  • Push them to achieve the best.
  • Show them that you truly believe in them.
  • Always voice your opinions and give them constructive criticisms.
  • Always be planned.
  • Show them some gratitude.

Don’ts while dating a Virgo

  • Do not come out as clingy and dependent.
  • Never hold them back from career-related matters.
  • Do not restrict their personal space.
  • Never take them for granted.

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