Virgo, Scorpio, Gemini: Zodiac signs ranked from ANGELS to DEVILS

Each Zodiac sign is related to a celestial being. Here are the Zodiac signs ranked from angels to devils
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Zodiac signs are the best ways to determine one’s personality. While some of these sins have a reputation of being the most patient, others are known for their bad personality traits and ego issues. So we have ranked all the signs from ‘Angels’ to ‘Devils’.



The most angelic sign of the 12, Librans are the purest of them all. You can be as rude as possible but Librans will always be true to their heart and what they believe in.



Being quite opposite than the ox, you have a forgiving heart and very rarely hold a grudge. You’re so nice that even with a world full of devils, you’d survive!



You love your rules and the ethics you’ve created for yourself. You are a strong believer of what goes around comes around so kindness is one of your strongest suits.



You are very charming, so loving others is one of the easiest things in your life. You love people who are true to you but the little devil in you comes out when you find out about all the lies they’ve been saying.



You get joy out of helping others and you love giving favours. But, when it comes down to your devilish behaviour, your sex drive is what compels you to make decisions that you’ll regret later.



Of course, you’ll be in the middle. You have dual personalities with one being the devil and other an angel. Your little devil and angels are always sitting on the shoulders to contradict each other.


7: LEO:

They are strong, majestic and fair just like the lions until you get on their bed nerve. If you make some bad moves, be ready to hear them roar.



You try too hard to be a good person but the temptations around you make it difficult to do so. Your sincere hope is that all the good deeds you do will make you forget the sins you make.



You are very likeable but, when someone gets to your bad side - you will overthink and run after their lives to seek vengeance. Otherwise, as we said, you are very likeable.


10: ARIES:

You always have a devilish grin on. Your redeeming value is your great sense of humour—you like to make people laugh before fucking them over.



There’s a reason that the Devil is often rendered as a goat’s head in paintings and honestly, you love doing things your way even if it is wrong and then when you get caught, you pretend to apologize.



You are the devil and you know it. You are the embodiment of evil and have a special condo reserved in all the seven hells and if there was the eighth one, it would’ve been full of scorpions.


What rank are you on? Let us know in the comments section below.


I am a Scorpio and I never understood what people meant about Scorpios when they relayed all these negative traits. Then I worked with two Scorpios and I realised how basic those bitches are. Later I accidentally came across a YouTube video which said that if you are spiritual those negative traits are not as prominent. That made complete sense to me in my case. And yes, we are absolutely crazy about sex!


Scorpios look nice on the outside but when u get to know them you realize they have fooled u and dont Even Get Me Started On There Sexuality

You meant “their”..

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