Virgo, Taurus, Cancer: Your most negative trait according to your zodiac sign

There is no person on this planet who is flawless, as much as they would like to believe they are. Get to know your negative trait based on your zodiac sign.
Love & Relationships,horoscope,zodiac sign,personality traitsVirgo, Taurus, Cancer: Your most negative trait according to your zodiac sign (A screenshot from What's Your Rashee)
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Every person, no matter what their past is or what sign they belong to, has a number of good and bad qualities. When it comes to positive traits, they are easy to appreciate. But accepting criticism for negative trait is not the easiest thing to do. Nobody can be perfect at all times To get an insight to your negative traits, take a look at your Zodiac sign. 


One of the friendliest people of the zodiac sign, Aquarians are one of the most creative, independent and loyal people. But they their independence can lead them to becoming detached, stubborn and always wanting to get their way and inconsistent when it comes to delivering things. 


Imaginative, kind and compassionate are some of your best trait, Pisces. But at the same time they can be very idealistic and are pessimists, especially in emergency situations. They are also escapists and tend to blame everything bad on their "luck". 


Versatile, lively and always positive about everything, Aries are one of the most energetic of the Zodiac. But they can become arrogant, impatient and stubborn when they don't get their way. 


Extremely dependable, down to earth and dependable, you are a loyalist at heart, Taurus. But like a true bull, you are stubborn as one can get, extremely materialistic and desire all the comforts life has to offer and extremely possessive of your loved ones. 


One of the most enthusiastic and witty of the zodiac, Gemini, you can be superficial when it comes to relationships. You also lack consistency and are terrible at making decisions. 


One of the most creative minds and emotional people in the zodiac, Cancerians tend to be moody when things don't go their way. You are also extremely suspicious and can be clingy in relationships. 


Loyal, straightforward and optimistic are some of the traits everybody loves in you, Leo. But you are one of the most egoistic, dominating, impatient and arrogant people in the zodiac sign. 


Intelligent and practical are some of the positive traits that people appreciate you for, Virgo. At the same time, you tend to be overcritical and fussy over things that you want to have control over. 


A true Libran, you are diplomatic and always listen to different points of view before coming to a conclusion. At the same time you can be superficial, lazy and indecisive when it comes to making important decisions. 


Though you are extremely brave and ambitious, it can take an extreme turn and turn into jealousy and resentment. People might also avoid you as you tend to be slightly manipulative. 


You have a large heart are super intellectual and can be philosophical which people admire. But your impatience, over confidence and carelessness are things people really dislike about you. 


You are extremely wise, disciplined and patient which is what people appreciate you for. But at the same time, your pessimism and stubborn-ness is what people hate the most about you. 



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