Want to play hard to get? Follow these 5 SIMPLE tips to keep the excitement alive

Striking just the right balance while playing hard to get is no child’s play. Check out these 5 tips to keep the spark alive and to keep them wanting more.
Want to play hard to get? Follow these 5 SIMPLE tips to keep the excitement alive
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Playing hard to get is an art. You have to keep the other person guessing without putting them off. It’s a mind game and you have to be careful to not go overboard with it. You have to be distant while keeping the spark alive. Keep flirting and teasing them but also at times, be ignorant and indifferent. 

It can backfire sometimes but can also add a lot of excitement and thrill. So while playing hard to get, there are some things to keep in mind to do it correctly and to be careful to not play too hard to get. Here are 5 tips to play hard to get effectively.

Show interest but don’t be direct

Make it obvious from your gestures and body language that you have a soft corner for them, but don’t openly say it to keep the element of excitement alive. 

Send cryptic text messages

Tell them that you enjoy their company and like spending time with them. But at the same time don’t instantly say yes to a plan and try to delay it a little.

Take time

Be yourself and take things slow. Savour the moment and take your own sweet time to analyse where the relationship is going.

Give them mixed signals

Touch them accidentally, but don’t be clingy all the time. Don’t be available all the time and take your time to reply to texts, but when you do reply, appreciate them and show your interest towards them.

Keep some mystery

Don’t reveal everything about yourself in one go. Tell them some details but also keep some things to yourself to keep them wanting more.

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