Ways to break up with someone GRACEFULLY and politely

Breaking up is messy, complicated, uncomfortable and tough. Here are 5 ways to make your job easier and to break up with your partner in a graceful and kind manner.
Ways to break up with someone GRACEFULLY and politely
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The honeymoon period of your relationship is over. You no longer gush at their eccentricities and as a matter of fact, get annoyed by their habits all the time. You feel like they don’t get you the way they used to and you think it is time for you to break up with them.

The only problem is you don’t know how to do it without breaking their heart. Breaking up with someone is hard and can be quite messy and complicated. They might not get the hint at first and you might have to explicitly tell them that you no longer are interested in dating them. Believe it or not, you can do this politely and kindly. Try these 5 ways to break up with someone in a gentle and graceful manner.

Do it in private


The last thing you want is for them to throw a glass of water at your face or scream their lungs out at a restaurant. So choose a private setting where it is just the two of you to break them the news.


Be straightforward


Don’t go too much into details and be direct. Come straight to the point and don’t sugarcoat it for them or give them false hopes. The lesser time you take, the easier it will be for you and for them.


Explain yourself


You do owe them an explanation for breaking up with them. Don’t keep them guessing as to what went wrong. Tell them the reasons that compelled you to take this step and tell them how you tried to make it work but it just didn’t. 

Be ready to listen


They will be devastated and there will be tears. Be prepared to listen to them and don’t just put your point forward and then turn a blind eye. Consider what they need and what they are saying to you and accordingly react and respond to calm them down. 


Do it in person


It is extremely rude to break up with someone through a text or a call or even an email! If you have respect for them then have the courage to do it in person. It is uncomfortable and stressful, but this is the least you can do to show you care.


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