For the wedding dreamers : What your wedding will look like based on your zodiac sign

Find out how your wedding will look like according to your Zodiac personality.
Love & Relationships,love,zodiac signs,weddingFor the wedding dreamers : What your wedding will look like based on your zodiac sign
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They say when you know, you know, right? Every woman has an ideal vision of how they want one their biggest and special days to be. Some may like it simple and closed where as some other would want an extravagant affair. Did you know that your zodiac sign can say a lot about how your dream wedding could look like? So, let the stars shine some light on how your wedding day would be like, giving you a heads up.


The most dreamy of all, a Piscean wedding will be an affair to remember. For the water sign, their wedding is incomplete without everyone they love surrounding them. Pisces would always dream to get married at a striking destination, but in reality, they would probably stick to getting married somewhere everyone can access. They wouldn't want to miss out on people at their wedding because they cannot afford to fly out to them.


An Aries wedding should reflect the personality of the zodiac sign, i.e. adventurous, spontaneous and exquisite. They wouldn't want to follow the usual norms and might choose for a destination wedding somewhere outside of their habitual boundaries. Aries are extremely creative beings who would thrive for something different, giving their wedding guests something to talk about. With a sweet sense of humour and a tendency to veer off tradition, an Aries wedding would be quite memorable.


For the hopeless romantic the Taureans are, their wedding is going to be a fairytale affair just like they always dreamed of. They will be all game to shell out a little extra to make it perfect. A lot of people will tell the Earth sign to not waste all the money on ONE day — but the again, who are we kidding? Getting married in a castle to showers of flowers during the ceremony is important to them, Taurus will get what they want.


Wedding for Gemini is a super-fun filled affair. For the air sign, wedding is a grand excuse get drunk and dance with the people you consider family. More than guests, you will see bar counters and breweries at the Gemini wedding. And of course, a humongous dance floor to let it all out, celebrate and make some blurry but beautiful memories.


Cancer believes in less is more. They have never been interested in owning the fanciest car or wearing the most expensive clothing. They don't get married in order to show off grandeur. It is all about love, love and love for the water sign. All that matters to these souls is that their friends show up, everyone gets along, and they get to call themselves hitched at the end of the night. With just the family and close friends, a Cancer wedding will be small, intimate and elegant.


They are always drawn to the nature, which is why their wedding should be an outdoor affair. The beach side is a perfect wedding spot for the Leo. The entire fanfare of the zodiac sign will be stunned at Leo’s wedding. The grandeur of the wedding would put Leo in the limelight just like they love it.


Virgo is always part of a gazillion friend circles. But at the end of the day, they would just want a small, intimate wedding. A wedding with only the people who know them the best, the people they consider their closest are made part of the celebrations. The day will feel even more special when Virgo is surrounded by the ones they couldn’t live without.


Librans digs on DIY wedding. They would want to do it all by themselves from putting together the decor to handcrafting each table setting to arranging the foot aisles. Librans will make sure that their wedding can never be replicated by making it super unique. A wedding for them will be an ultimate fun-filled one that is a celebration of both love and friendship.


Don't expect a wedding hashtag from a Scorpio. This sign loves quality and privacy, so they will perfectly plan and selectively release details. Everything at the wedding will be 2x dramatic. The Scorpio knows what they want and will pull off a great setting to remember.


They have always been casual, grounded and chill. Sagittarius wouldn't go extravagant with their wedding, instead will keep it presentable and comfortable. Despite everybody telling you how a wedding should be a formal event, Sagittarius will agree otherwise and tone it down as much as possible.


Classic is the key to a Capricorn wedding. Traditional and chic is how a Capricorn wedding would like. Always being the one to adhere to tradition, Capricorn would want every detail of the wedding to be perfect and classy.


An artistic and creative soul, Aquarius can never blend in with the crowd. They want to stand out by doing something out of the box. A themed wedding is what they would look for. They will not get worked up about it, but will choose to be free-spirited and do it the way they feel like.


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