Wedding Special: 7 annoying things you should NEVER say to newlyweds

It is the beginning of their lives together. Your unsolicited advice and questions about their future are not required.
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When couples tie the knot, they go through a range of emotions – happiness of finally getting hitched, sadness of leaving their family, fear of starting their lives together, excitement for the future, and so on. Even though weddings are supposed to be a happy time, emotions do take a toll on the couple. And during this time, near and dear ones should be helping out, soothing and pacifying them that everything will work out.

Instead, what newlyweds get to hear is unsolicited marriage advice. Words of “wisdom” from elder, strangers, friends and even children! This advice ranges from everything that will “make them happy”, to how to make their marriage last. But what all couples want during this time is to share their happiness with you and celebrate with you.


So next time you attend a wedding, refrain from saying any of these 7 annoying statements to every newlywed couple.


“Enjoy the honeymoon phase while it lasts”

How is the couple supposed to respond to this statement? Thank you for the warning? Or laugh it off as a joke? Who are you to even decide that their ‘honeymoon phase’ will even end?


“You will miss being single”

This is just a terrible thing to say to a couple who just tied the knot, not to mention insensitive. This decision is their choice, so honestly who are you to tell them what they will and will not miss? There is no need to project your repressed feelings on the poor couple.


“Are you not scared that the divorce rates today are so high?”

These are two sane and mature adults to know that no matter how high or low the divorce rate it is, it will have no impact on their married life. Those who are getting divorced obviously have their own reasons that have nothing to do with the new couple.


“Why did you spend so much on your wedding?”

How does it matter to you why the couple spent how much ever they did on their own wedding? It is their celebration, they will do it according to their wishes.


“Why did/didn’t you invite this person to your wedding?”

Because it is their wedding. They will invite people they like and know they can have a good time with, and won’t invite those they feel spread negativity. Just because you feel a particular way about somebody, doesn’t mean everybody around you has to as well.


“You’re too old/young to get married”

Honestly, nobody asked for you opinion on this matter. A wedding involves only two people and their families. If everybody involves is okay with the decision, who are you to question it. Yes, maybe the couple is too young but maybe they are also madly in love and wanted to start their lives together. If they are too old, maybe they wanted to explore the field before settling down. Who said there was a particular age to get married anyway?


“When can we expect the ‘good news’?”

The couple just got married. Give them a break! For starters, this is a very personal question – maybe the couple discussed it and want to wait for a while, or maybe they are having fertility issues, maybe they are having family issues. It is their own private life and if they have a snark response to your silly question, we can’t say we didn’t warn you.

At the end of the day, newlyweds are still figuring things out on their own. Try not to add to the immense pressure they already are under and try to be positive about their future, at every occasion you can. Everybody likes being reassured and praised for their choices.

What are some of the most annoying questions thrown at you? Tell us in the comments section below.


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