What does your zodiac sign say about your dating habits?

People are different from each other so are their personality. When people are in love or like someone then they react to the situation differently. So, expert talks about our dating habits as per the star sign.

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Zodiac Signs and Dating Habits
What does your zodiac sign say about your dating habits?
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What kind of feeling do we experience when we like or love someone, how do we react, how do we show our love to the special person etc. define our dating habits. And our zodiac personality traits play a major role in deciding our dating habits. So, Jeevika Sharma, Tarot Card Reader and Guidance Counsellor talks about our dating habits based on the star sign.


When you are in a relationship, you start by splurging on your partner, whenever given a chance. You splurge at your partner at your convenience. Also, Capricorns stand by thier partner whenever their partner is in trouble or needs support.



Aquarians make attempts to make their partner feel special. They give freedom to their partner and support them in taking decisions related to their career and personal life.


Pisces get emotionally attached to the person who they are dating and are always there to share happiness and sorrows. They love to spend quality time with their partners to keep the spark in the relationship.


They are a master of love. They prefer to keep their love-life personal. They tend to observe a person a lot before they get into a relationship and then take it to another level when they find their partner compatible enough. They will go out of the way to help their partner or to fulfil their needs or desire.


In their love-life, Taureans are the ones making all the decisions. They care a lot about their family. They will make efforts to make their bond stronger not only with the person they are dating but with their family members as well.


You tend to date people who you know will listen to you all the time so as to avoid any communication gap. You don't feel the urge to berate someone in any way. You will end up planning surprises for your partner to build a strong emotional bond.


When you like someone, it is seldom that you open your heart to them. And, when do end up dating them, you try to test them whenever you find the slightest chance. If they turn out to be the one you want, you will shower love and caring nature on them. You might become too attached to your partner.



For the Leos, when you are interested in someone, you start with friendship only to know that person inside out and, also to check their worth. You keep on putting in efforts to check how the other person is responding. But, when you feel that the other person is responding the way you wanted to , then you will start making efforts to make the relationship more stronger and everlasting.


In a relationship, you tend to make as many efforts as your partner. You tend to stay loyal to your partner. From time to time you do have this habit to check if your partner is making as much effort and is loyal to you.


When you are dating, you make efforts to know the other person so as to build a strong emotional bond. At the same time, you make sure on getting what you deserve.


When you want to date someone you start slowly by being friends first. You often shower the other person with care, love and attention not only to show your emotions but also to build a good or strong image in front of them. But, when you start dating the person you want, passionate relationship is what you would want to develop.


You date a person thinking to build not only a romantic relationship but also a friendly one. Sagittarians look for a true friend in their partner. You will plan outings, adventurous activities, trips, rides with your partner.


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