What is Karmic relationship? Here are 8 signs you are in one too

Filled with passion and pain, Karmic relationships aren’t always the best for you. Read on to know if you too are in the same kind of relationship and why you need to get out ASAP.
Love & Relationships,Karmic relationship What is Karmic relationship? Here are 8 signs you are in one too
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After a few months or a year of being in a relationship with someone, your heart wonders if this is meant to be. You feel in your gut that you have finally found your soulmate. It could be a Karmic relationship. A Karmic relationship is one meant to “facilitate the lessons we need to learn in this lifetime surrounding love and partnership.” 

Karmic relationship involves a connection of two souls that pushes you to extremes. While the word “karma” might make you feel that it is some good juju, but in reality, it’s the opposite. These are the relationships that are meant to teach us hard lessons and change our way of thinking. 

Here are the signs that you are in a Karmic relationship. 

1- Are you in an on and off relationship? If the same patterns are repeated over and over, it is a major sign that you are in a karmic relationship and you need to get out of there as soon as you can. 

2- In karmic relationships, there are no healthy boundaries and you are in a co-independent relationship. While one person views it's more as a convenience, the other might be more invested. 

3- In a karmic relationship, one person feels that their partner is the centre of their universe and the main source of happiness. In other words, they become obsessive. 

4- You feel like you cannot live without the person, and can’t understand why it all comes crumbling even after you are giving it you all to the relationship. 

5- Karmic relationships are marked by instant connection, that draws you in and feels perfect. But somewhere down the road, you are unable to find common ground, but you still unable to fathom why it's not working out. 

6- When you are in a karmic relationship, you might realise your worst fear coming to reality. It will bring out all the skeletons hidden in the closet for so long. 

7- You are no longer in control of your emotions. Disrespectful behaviour and anger are some of the common issues you might face if you are in a karmic relationship. 

8- Even though you are in a relationship, you focus on what you want as an individual and not what is best for you guys as a couple. It is all about individual happiness and satisfaction.  

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