What people think each Zodiac sign is like versus what they're really like

Zodiac signs are not the same as math problems. Every sign including yours can be framed in a stereotype and we are here to debunk them.

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Have you ever met someone and thought that he/she is not the way you expected them to be? Many times we meet a lot of people and get surprised by their personality or the way they react in certain situations. A lot of people keep a poker face but are the most hilarious on the inside and vice versa. A lot of time people judge us by our appearances and that turns out to be the opposite of what you really are. The same is with zodiac signs. We all are born under a sign that helps define how we may react to certain situations. However, zodiac signs are not the same as math problems. Every sign including yours can be framed in a stereotype and we are here to debunk them.


People might think that you love picking fights but both you and I know that you would not do it unnecessarily. You have a temper but you do know your limits and boundaries which is what people forget.


Taureans are always labelled as being stubborn. What people don’t understand is that they are known to be patient, strong and devoted. When asked for, they can be the greatest strength anyone would be proud to have.


They are assumed to be the crazy one with multiple personalities. What people do not understand is that they are great at giving bits of advice and moving on from toxic situations.


Everyone thinks that you are a super depressing cry baby but you are actually very sensitive. You are always there for people who need you and your emotional maturity is what makes friendships last.


You are a super drama queen and crave for attention every now and then. Well, that is only because you are very compassionate and love being around people who you love.


You can be called a robot from time to time. That is because you do not like being vulnerable and always put a strong face on.  Of course, not everyone sees this trait of yours as positive but you know the truth.


People call you a prankster but what it really means is that you can talk your way out of anything and everything. Your charm is not ill-intentioned nor is it really your fault.


You can be perceived as someone who is too intense. It is only because you are constantly in touch with your emotions and your passion is what drives you to live life.


You may hold a reputation of someone who never settles down aka somebody who is never home. This may be true but you come with your own set of perks and you love the freedom that life brings you.


People might think that you are boring and that is just not the case. You are passionate about learning new things and do not get afraid of what people might think of that.


You may come off as someone who is not interested in making friends but, in reality, you are afraid of rejection and lies. You’d rather stay alone than make harmful friends.


People perceive you as depressed artist. You are an artist but you are not a victim. Your strength is your big heart. You see the good in people when others don’t and this can be a blessing.

Stereotypes and relating to them can create problems in progress. What matters, in the end, is to stay true to yourself!

What assumptions have people made about you? Let us know in the comments section below.


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