What is 'Sleep Divorce'? How does it affect your relationship?

If you’ve been suggested a sleep divorce by your couple’s therapist, don’t be surprised.
What is 'Sleep Divorce'? How does it affect your relationship? What is 'Sleep Divorce'? How does it affect your relationship?
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Many couples have different sleep cycles and sleeping habits. These habits can cause a rift between people. If you are a light sleeper and your partner snores, it could make it impossible for you to sleep in the same bed or the same room for that matter. It is impossible for a person to survive without sleep and sleep deprivation or a disrupted sleep cycle can make things worse for you and your partner. This is why many couples prefer to sleep in different rooms. This is called a 'sleep divorce'.

This may not sound like an ideal solution for something as “minor” as different sleeping habits but it might be just what your relationship needs. It may seem that these issues are minor, but they’re not as easy to handle as they seem when you are on the outside. Everyone has different habits and if you cannot adjust to each other’s habits no matter how hard you try your relationship might get affected by it. You cannot adjust if your partner works till late and comes home after you sleep. You cannot change jobs or risk your career over a few sleeping habits and your relationship.

Sleeping in separate rooms might just be the solution you are looking for. Sometimes when you live with a person it gets difficult to get some personal space and some ‘me time’. Having separate rooms allows you to have your own personal space and your ‘me time’. It also means that you do not have to suffer from sleep deprivation in order to make things work with your partner. Sleeping in separate rooms can do wonders for your relationship.

It may be breaking the traditional way of being married or in a relationship but it can change your relationship for the better. It makes you realize how much time you spend away from your partner and you do not count the sleeping time as being spent with your partner. This ensures that you take some time out from your day and spend it with your partner. It teaches you to value your relationship and find time from a busy schedule to seek some happy times with your partner. You learn to make most of the time you spend together and when you do cuddle and sleep together you know how amazing it feels. A sleep divorce can make your relationship smoother and help you value each other and your relationship

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