THIS is what you can do when your friend is cheating on their partner

Not many people have the same morals as us and it's not necessary that your friend sees cheating as bad as you do. Everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do but when you find out about it, it can put you in a big "dharam sankat" and if you're wondering what to do about it, read on.
THIS is what you can do when your friend is cheating on their partner
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We all have some basic values, beliefs and principals that we live by. We have some morals that we stick to no matter what. But life is not always as simple as it seems. There's more to life and relationships than just black and white. Life has some grey zones and when you're stuck in a grey zone, things can be very tricky. Cheating is one such thing. We all know how immoral it is and the kind of impact it has on the people involved and when you're at the other end of it, it's easy to make a decision but what happens when you see one of your friends cheating on their partner. It can put you in a big dilemma. We tend to support our friends in whatever they do but when you have to deal with the fact that your friend is turning to infidelity instead of getting out of a relationship and hurting and cheating their partner, what are you supposed to do? It can put you in a moral dilemma where you don't know if you should get in the middle of things or how it may impact your friendship. But your values aren't something you should compromise on.

Here's what to do when your friend is cheating on their beau.

1. The first thing to do is to speak to your friend and understand the reason behind their actions. You may not be their counsellor but you're still friends and understanding the reason might help you move further and help them resolve this in the right way.

2. You should always set boundaries and tell your friend what you feel about their actions. Don't be judgemental but tell them that you don't agree with them and you will not lie for them. Refuse to be their alibi and support their actions in any manner.

3. Don't take it personally and do not let it affect you or your relationship. Remember that it's your friend's life and they're solely responsible for their actions and this is about them and their relationship. It has nothing to do with you so, it's best to not get personal when they confess it to you.

4. Separate yourself from the situation and be honest. Don't force your beliefs or opinions on them. Be objective and give them a solution that can help them get out of the situation. Tell them that they're being disrespectful and unfair to their partner by doing this.

5. You might feel a moral obligation towards the person being cheated upon but telling them the truth might do more harm than good. It WILL damage your friendship and at the same time, it may make your friends partner hate you as well for being the bearer of the bad news. Not everyone wants to deal with the truth.

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