This is what you were in your PAST LIFE according to your Zodiac Sign

In our listicle today, we’ve listed down what you were in your past life according to your zodiac sign
Love & Relationships,zodiac sign,astrology,reincarnationThis is what you were in your PAST LIFE according to your Zodiac Sign
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The concept of past life has always intrigued and excited many. While there’s always an ongoing debate of what came first - the chicken or the egg, the debate about our past life too is equally heated. We often see that we get various rushes which make us feel like we’ve already been through that whole scene. Often referred to as ‘Deja Vu’, these incidences and dreams can literally get anyone in a tizzy and make them wonder what they really were. 


As we all know that all of us are clubbed under our very own zodiac signs depending on our birth dates. Our traits, qualities and behaviour are more or less similar with our fellow counterparts who we share our zodiac sign with. As we mentioned earlier all of us somewhere or the other like knowing what we really were in our past life and if there are any similarities that we can relate to even know. In our listicle today, we’ve listed down what you were in your past life. 


Aries - Poet



It is being believed that you were extremely deep rooted and spiritual because of Pisces being in your 12th house. It is also said that you were extremely helpful towards everyone and carried a compassionate heart too. 


Taurus - Warrior



Aries took over the position in your 12th house and hence you were a warrior. You boasted of traits like being fearless, aggressive and dominating too. Given how fearless you were, you fought till the end for everything that you believed. 


Gemini - Wealthy businessman



The ultra glam Taurus resided in your 12th house which means you enjoyed all things of comfort. Chances are high that you lived a life filled with materialistic pleasures and lots of wealth. 


Cancer - Writer



Given how interesting Geminis are and that they took charge of your 12th house it is pretty obvious that you’d be a writer. Witty, versatile and engaging is what your personality traits boasts of making you fit to be a writer. 


Leo - Midwife



Yes, you were a midwife in your previous birth, thanks to Cancer imparting it goodness. Giving out maternal, nurturing and emotional vibes, the Leo takes on good from the Cancerians.


Virgo - Royalty



Yes since Leo housed your karma, it is pretty obvious that you’d be someone very powerful. Royalty suits you the best. You were influential, egoistic and people loved you in all its glory. 


Libra - Healer



Given how Virgos are always up for helping people and the use of natural medicines, a healer fits the bill for you. You’ve made tonnes of sacrifices and helped people in their bad times. 


Scorpio - Artist



Highly creative, diplomatic and sensual, you echoed all the traits of a Libra. A creative personality much like an artist is what you were in your past life. 


Sagittarius - Scientist



Since Scorpio housed your karma, you were intense, mysterious and extremely analytical. A scientist is what you were in your past life. You needed sure shot proof to accept things. 


Capricorn - Traveler



Sagittarius are free spirits who loved to travel and were adventurous. Since they ruled your 12th house, it is certain that you were a traveler in your past life. 


Aquarius - Politician



Ambitious, determined, popular and a public servant, you bored all the qualities of a politician. With Capricorn in your 12th house of karma, we can believe this easily. 


Pisces - Rebel 



Unconventional and unusually logical - a rebel is what fits you the best considering Aquarius being in your house of karma. 


Do you agree with all that we’ve written? Comment below and let us know. 

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