Which Vampire Diaries character are you according to your zodiac sign?

In today’s listicle let’s find out which TVD character you are according to your Zodiac sign
Which Vampire Diaries character are you according to your zodiac signs?Which Vampire Diaries character are you according to your zodiac signs?
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There are television shows and then there are shows which becomes a part of our day to day lives. We all know the frenzy which has been around FRIENDS right? The show completed 25 years just recently and even after completing a quarter of a century, fans still cannot get over that epic show. 


Well, another show which transformed a lot of young adults in their teenage years was the hit   supernatural show, The Vampire Diaries. In all honesty, the show had one of the most good-looking and talented cast who we just couldn’t get over. Ian Somerhaler, Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Candice King, Kat Graham, to name a few were actors who played a major role in the TV series. Recently the show completed a good 10 years and made their fans go all nostalgic with their love filled Instagram posts. 


The show was truly iconic and one with a lot of dynamics. In today’s listicle let’s find out which TVD character you are according to your Zodiac sign. 





Aries have to be Elena Gilbert. They are highly ambitious, they are extremely driven and motivated. Elena too was a cheerleader in college who wanted to be a doctor and help everyone. Aries are also very passionate about everything and this can sometimes lead to a bit of temper issues. 





Taureans are all about willpower and stamina. They are super patient but they too have their share of being possessive. The character of Klaus is what suits your personality the most. Klaus too was extremely powerful and dotting but extremely possessive of the ones he loved. 





The most resourceful, funny and also cunning people on the list. Katherine Pierce is the character for you guys. Geminis as we know share dual personality which is just what Katherine does. We all know the times when she switches from being evil to nice and aces the roles quite perfectly. 





Cancerians are good people. The live for the people they love. They care for them, nurture them and are emotionally connected to them too. Enzo embodies the characteristics perfectly. He loved Bonnie to death and cared for you deeply but he just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she was dying. 





Caroline Forbes is suited for every Leo. They like things under control, are born leaders and are highly vocal about their opinions, sounds like Caroline, isn’t it? Leos also like to take charge of things and face their fears with a brave front. 





Virgos as we know are extremely practical. They are sensitive, hardworking and also critical of themselves. Jeremy fits this description well. He was extremely harsh on himself but would do anything in his power to save his loved ones. 





Bonnie. Yes, Bonnie in our opinion was the real hero of The Vampire Diaries. She was fearless, strong, loyal and always kept her loved ones before her. Librans are the rational and listen to both sides of the stories. They also find it really difficult in making hard decisions but somehow they are always made to do that. 





Scorpions can be easily misunderstood. They are passionate, selfish, intense and often misunderstood. Damon Salvatore stands true to being a Scorpion. Damon loves Elena dearly and more than anything in the World. He would do anything to keep her safe even if it meant ripping apart half the Universe. 





Tyler Lockwood is the character for a Sagittarian. Sagis are super enthusiastic, filled with adventure and optimistic. They are also highly impatient which makes them take quick decisions which they might regret later on. Tyler too faced a lot because of his anger issues and impulse behaviour. However, they also make it a point to bounce back pretty well. 





Capricorns strive really hard to maintain stability. They love taking charge and responsibility just like Matt Donovan who went on to become a Sheriff. Capricorns tend to take other people’s problems on themselves and help them in solving them. However, when it comes to their own problems and issues, they take forever to deal with it. 





Aquarians are the ones who come up with the best ideas and the OG thinkers. They are the ones who are responsible for taking everyone out of a problem and give out most of the solutions. Alaric Saltzman was that one character who has solutions to almost everything. He was the best friend to Damon and always filled him up with wisdom. 





Trustworth, selfless and honest. It’s safe to say that Stefan Salvatore played by Paul Wesley was the ‘good one’ and the best out of them all. Pisces expresses easily and are deeply rooted in thoughts. 


Do you side with the TVD characters according to your zodiac sign? How true and close to you are they? Comment below and let us know. 


All the characters in this series superb i can don't compare between all the characters because I saw all 8 season and every character played own role as well so my opinion that all the superb for me. And i miss them because I want to see them together again. If I talk it here my review any one special character which played all time good so I want mention that the role of Caroline forbs she one my favourite inthis shows, and i love her.

All the characters are very suited according to their zodiac sign.. mine is Pisces .. I think well suited..but I'm not equal Stefan salvotore character in my real-life .. but one thing is true Pisces expresses easily..

Every detail was spot on... It was awesome but about Capricorns well, couldn't say the caps that I know would ever care to think of others that of themselves
But epic report... I hope u share gossips about the same topics

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