Why do some women fall for bad boys? Find out

There are some common notions around it, however, some research and studies do reveal the actual reasons.
Love & Relationships,relationship,Relatonship MistakesWhy do some women fall for bad boys? Find out
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In many movies, in fact in real life too we have seen how some women getting drawn to bad guys all the time. What are the reasons for it? Of course, they know that if they date a boy who always brings trouble will make them only suffer. But still, they do it. They end up loving or dating those rebellious and free like bird souls. But there has to be some reasons. There has been a common notion that wicked boys have the power to attract girls because of their attitude and confidence. 

And they look like alpha males. Some believe that this is because of the fantasy that has been inside their heads. We don't know whether these notions are true but certain things about them prove why they are so attractive. As we researched, we understood that sometimes there is a science behind it. There are science-backed reasons why girls sometimes date those guys who can bring troubles easily. Why they get blinded by the men who have traits of a bad boy. Read on to know more. 

Ovulation and choice for rebellious boys are connected

As per the study called, "Ovulation Leads Women to Perceive Sexy Cads as Good Dads" which was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology revealed that when a woman is in her ovulation stage, her hormones influence the way she sees a father figure for her future kids. And near ovulation time, girls are attracted to good looking and rebellious boys.

It is easier for them to be attractive

As per an article on which was published 'Psychology Uncovers Sex Appeal of Dark Personalities' published scientificamerican.com, most people don’t consider narcissism or psychopathy as desirable qualities in their partners, however, many mysteriously get drawn towards people with these personality traits. Research by Nicholas Holtzman and Michael Strube of Washington University in St. Louis found that people with “dark” personality traits seem to be better at making themselves physically appealing.

Some ladies love their adventurous spirit

One of the key traits of a “bad boy” is that they have a love for adventure. And some women like their adventure spirit. As per research published in scientificamerican.com, people with some pathological personality types ( neurotic and impulsive), had more mates and even more children than average. Fernando Gutiérrez at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, who led the research revealed, "While they are selfish, rule-breaking, imprudent and rebellious, they are also brave, temerarious, independent and self-reliant—and they live frantic, galvanizing lives and this captivates many people."

They free the inner bad girl

As per psychologist, Robyn McKay, Ph.D., girls who have concealed their inner rebellious side are easily attracted to men who can release that side of theirs. This trait, among girls, usually gets suppressed during childhood but one of the ways for them to get that bad side out is by start dating a guy who can free it.

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