Why the first two years of marriage are important and crucial to be happy forever?

The first two years of marriage are highly important and crucial for newlywed couples as it may determine they will be happy forever or not. So, here’s how couples should handle the initial time to have a long happy married life.
Why the first two years of marriage are important and crucial to be happy forever?
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Married life can be tough sometimes with problems and conflicts. But couples should not panic or get disturbed by them, rather they should talk to each other and discuss everything to sort things out. And they should do it from the first year of their marriage as initial time is a crucial phase in marriage.

Something small can create great issues later in your marriage. That’s why the first two years of marriage are considered to be very critical and important. Couples should stay connected to each other during the initial phase of marriage to be happy forever.

First two years of marriage and its importance:


The first two years of marriage may often determine the relationship between married couples. The changes in their union during this time may affect in the long run. Research earlier showed that unhappy married couples had a disillusionment and negative feelings about each other during the initial time of marriage which later ended in divorce. And couples, who started the new phase of their life with positive thinking were happily married. So, it is always advisable to start the new relationship with only positive thinking. After marriage, couples may feel bounded with lots of responsibilities. But they should talk to each other and be patient.

Honeymoon blues

After the wedding occasion and honeymoon, some couples may feel depressed and sad. This is considered to be honeymoon blues. There is a lot of excitement and fun during marriage functions and after all of those events come to an end, couples may suddenly feel depressed and an emptiness. Hence, couples should be well prepared for the newlywed blues or honeymoon blues. And they should be more focused on how to keep the romance alive while managing all other responsibilities.

What to do to handle a tough time?

It is always healthy to have a one-to-one conversation when couples are struggling during the first years of marriage. Talk to each other without any blaming. This time might be stressful, but it is very joyous as well. Couples can build a strong foundation during this time to be happy forever.

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