Why it is most important to have a healthy relationship with yourself explains life coach Tapsi Wadhwa

Before having a relationship with others, it is important to have a healthy relationship with yourself, explains, life coach, Tapsi Wadhwa. Find out more
Why it is most important to have a healthy relationship with yourself explains life coach Tapsi WadhwaWhy it is most important to have a healthy relationship with yourself explains life coach Tapsi Wadhwa
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Good relationships are the foundation for success in all areas of life. But it is important to believe that every emotion or energy you give out to the people or any aspect around you, starts with having a positive and healthy relationship with yourself. Having a good relationship with yourself gives you important insights into your life. For instance, if you’re not happy with your career path you would rather look for solutions to your concern. But the only solution to it is to look within to determine who you are and what you truly aspire to be.

Similarly, if you don’t know yourself you won’t be able to take the plunge to make a career change that would open door to many other possibilities and happiness in life. Having a safe and healthy relationship with yourself improves your relationship with others. You get a clear picture of what you really need and how to go about with a clear vision. It is impossible to be emotionally available to others if you aren’t connected and emotionally available to yourself first. 

So what does a healthy relationship with yourself look like? According to me having a healthy self-relationship means having the ability to value yourself at every given point in life and allow yourself to be vulnerable. One must embrace their strengths and weakiness and must work towards having a peaceful mind. It means simply considering yourself every day by acts of self-love, self-care, goodwill, and value. 

How do I have a good relationship with myself?

Set goals and cultivate awareness

Set overarching goals over a span of years to keep moving towards having a healthy relationship with yourself with the understanding that what this entails will change over the years. 

Plan short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals

It is important to set different forms of time frames in order to prioritize and cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself. Realize that motivation is short-term! Having realistic goals, and setting milestones and steps for each goal, are proven ways to stay on the right track.

Be curious and accepting

Recognize that change is inevitable and accepting the fact is important to not feel stressed or fearful. Have an open mind and be free to welcome new challenges or changes. Be curious to learn and explore new aspects of career, life, and lots more. Knowledge is the key to growth and acceptance.

Prioritize basis self-care

The basic building blocks that contribute to healthy and positive living are sleep, nutrition, rest, mental habits, etc. Mental habits are a kind of behaviour, and can take a while to shift, but are equally important and easy to overlook—and harder to maintain when hungry, poorly fit, sleep-deprived, or not experiencing enough play, affection, or rest in one's life when by oneself or with others.

Seek others who fit your goal

Your peers or the people you regularly associate with define your perspective and mindset. In addition to being around people who treat you well it helps you have a relationship with others who also seek to have a healthy relationship with themselves. It’s impossible to avoid toxic relationships but managing those relationships with care or neglecting the negativity helps you have a positive mind.

There’s an assortment of articles on having a healthy relationship with your family, partner, or other loved ones. But we don’t nearly read or teach people around on having the most important relationship in life - the one with ourselves. Hence it’s time we make a change and promote the idea of having a healthy self-relationship.

Inputs by: Tapsi Wadhwa, Professional Tarot Card Reader & Life Coach. Founder of DMYSTICWORLD

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