Why your relationship may not end up in marriage? Know as per your zodiac sign

There is no surety whether your relationship will end up in marriage or not and our star signs, planetary positions are responsible a lot for this. So, Jeevika Sharma, Tarot Card Reader and a Guidance Counsellor, shares her view on why some relationships may not end in marriage. Know as per your zodiac sign.

Updated on May 02, 2021 06:45 PM IST  |  1.2M
Zodiac Signs and Marriage and Relationship
Why your relationship may not end up in marriage? Know as per your zodiac sign
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Often, many relationships don’t end up in marriage. There are many factors that play a major role in this. And one of the prime factors is astrology, which can tell a lot about your love life and marriage. Your star sign and planetary positions are partially responsible for ending up your relationship to a successful marriage. So, Jeevika Sharma, Tarot Card Reader and a Guidance Counsellor, talks about why your relationship may not end in marriage. Know as per your sun sign.


Whenever you find that a romantic relation doesn't convert into matrimony is mainly because you tend to get easily influenced by others. Someone might tell you that your partner might have an ulterior motive. And you'll tend to believe them and part ways with your beloved. So, stop listening to others and listen only to your heart.



Why your relationships fail to convert into a marriage is because you have a habit of maintaining a distance from your partner. You say that you both are close but, deep down you know you prefer to keep some things to yourself. And, when your partner feels the disconnect with your true self, they slowly drift out of your life.


When in a relationship, you think that your partner is not showering you with enough love which you think you deserve. When that thought keeps on revolving in your mind, you tend to cheat on your partner which in turn drives your partner away.


Often times in a relationship, you go in search of something better and leave your current partner to find a better one.


You live in regret when you are in a relationship. You tend to think that you have made a poor choice of partner, so you try to defame them in front of others. Though your partner might not conform to the picture you paint. But you usually believe that your partner is worthless.


You want to enslave your partner. You want your partner in your servitude, either by force or by the influence of your money. And when your partner denies to follow you everywhere, you tend to leave them or they go away of their own accord.



When getting into relationships, you get confused thinking about who to choose and who is the right one for you. You put your prospective partner through a test to gain surety if they are the right one. And in this process, the other person usually gets irritated and goes away.


Often times you don't show love or affection towards your significant other. And sometimes you don't even give them enough time and attention. You don't take enough efforts. Your partner could get irritated by this attitude and it is most likely that they would go away from your life.


When your relationship doesn't turn into a marriage, it could be because you tend to stall and drag certain things till later. Your partner too happens to follow your path and stall things till they become too big to handle.


When you like someone you tend to be with them, but never confirm your relationship as anything serious. You say to the world and the one you like that you both are great friends. And when you do confirm your relationship, you are hardly ever serious. This is the reason why your relationships fail.


The main reason why your relationships fail to turn into a marriage is becasue whenever you get into a relationship you tend to run after your friends. This could irritate your partner and makes them leave you.


When in a relationship, you often feel trapped and claustrophobic whenever your partner tries to put any restrictions on you. But the opposite is the case when your partner is supportive in everything. The main reason why your relationships fail is because you live for yourself and no one else. And this outlook on life could drive your partner away.


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