Wondering what is an open relationship? Here’s what you need to know

Understanding the dynamics of a non-monogamous relationship is very important before you decide to change the dynamics of your relationship; Read on
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Open relationships seem like a far-fetched thought for us. Indian society has barely accepted modern sexuality and open thinking and an open relationship are another one of those. For years we have existed with monogamous relationships and only men have enjoyed the pleasures of polygamy. As per the social norms, if a woman has sexual relations with more than one man, she is considered to be of loose character and ostracized. But at the same time, this exact same society does not have any problem with a man doing it and if a man cheats in a monogamous relationship, the woman is asked to forgive and forget and fix her relationship instead of making a big deal and parting ways. But with changing times, the relationship dynamics have also changed. The modern relationship and the new generation considers all genders to be equals. A woman having pre-marital sex or having sexual relationships with more than one person is not that much of a big deal anymore.

The change in relationship dynamics has also changed how monogamous relationships work. Many couples these days are experimenting with open relationships. An open relationship or an open marriage is a relationship where both partners have consented to have sexual relations with other people. In this kind of relationship, both partners are free to have physical relations with other people. The partner's consent to a non-monogamous setup and do not consider it to be cheating instead, it allows couples to experiment with their sexuality and explore sexual bonds and relationships.

Any relationship cannot survive if it is not handled with love and care. It is essential to have a healthy relationship. An open relationship especially needs to completely consensual and for the right reasons. An open relationship where one partner is unwilling but giving in for the other partner's happiness can damage a relationship to an extent from where there is no turning back. Both partners need to be completely sure and willing. It is also important that you have some ground rules and ensure that they are strictly followed. An open relationship can lead to a breakup or an unhealthy relationship if not handled with care and sensitivity. Sometimes people open up their relationships because one partner wants to cheat or sleep with a specific someone or if some partner falls for someone else. At times one partner agrees to an open relationship because they do not want to lose the other person but that person wants to explore sexual relationships.

It is also essential to maintain your relationship while you open it up and allow other people in. Open relationships can lead to breakups at times because one partner fell for someone else along the way or one partner got emotionally involved or intimate with someone else and the rules of the open relationship were broken or one partner cheated in some other sense. It can make a mess of your relationship if it goes the wrong way. You cannot forget the importance of your partner and your relationship and you need to maintain the sanctity of your relationship. An open relationship requires you to keep the emotional intimacy of your relationship intact and consider it to be very sacred.

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