World Mental Health Day 2019: Dear Survivor, 'You’re the moonlight in the blanket of darkness'

The magic was within you all along, it just took a little darkness for you to realise how to shine
World Mental Health Day 2019: Dear Survivor, 'You’re the moonlight in the blanket of darkness'
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“There’ll be days of happiness and nights of weeping and all of this held together by a soul who’s fighting every particle in their system to just not give up.” -Avantika Gupta


In the past few years in a positive turn of events the World has managed to be receptive of the idea of mental health. While many might assume ‘mental illness’ to just being a ‘prolonged condition of sadness’, in reality the truth is far more heartbreaking. Many a times you don’t even know the trigger to your condition and then there you are, slipping into a state of helplessness. Into a state where everything is foggy and blurry. The Universe might not pay heed to your battles, however, here’s a note for you which will definitely make you feel more empowered without having to seek validation from anyone.  


Dear You,

You’re the moonlight in the blanket of darkness. You’re the hope at the end of the tunnel. And you’re the life which fought the murky and survived. You’ve triumphed - a state indescribable. You’ve triumphed - a shattered idea of yourself. And you’ve triumphed - the unfortunate temptation to end your life. Remember what they say? Not all heroes wear capes, so darling, just go a little easy on yourself and realise the battle that you’ve won. 



You’ve fought through it all. Remember that time when you just didn’t want to get out of bed? The time when you were so consumed by confusion that you wouldn’t know what time of the day it is. You’d go to work, complete your assignments but your mind would be wandering into a space of its own. You’d start pushing everyone away from you and hate yourself for doing that. That time when you were silently sobbing at 2 am and the only companion with you at the moment was the darkness in your room. When you’d just break down while sitting in the middle of a class or a meeting and you’d have no idea why. The pain, just the solid pain which you so badly wished that someone would just make it stop. Painful to even read it right? Imagine you’ve triumphed it all. You survived and now you’re in a space where you can go through almost anything in life. Because when you’ve hit the low, you don’t fear the darkness anymore; infact you soak in the sun a little more than anyone else. 


"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” -Albus Dumbledore

You know what’s the single most beautiful thing about this whole struggle? You found a way to live, love and appreciate yourself more than anything. You gave a whole new meaning to, “Main Apni Favourite Hoon’ (or the male version of this dialogue for all you dudes). LIVE it. You lived through the love, you’ve lived through the hurt and you’ve lived through the struggle. It is only when you live it completely is your heart so exhausted with the pain that you finally realise that it is time to let go. Break ups with your best friend, with your soulmate, with the love of your life, complications at work or just adulting consuming you as a whole - You got over it. I know that is always far easier said than done, but you did get past it, didn't you? You chose YOU over being in that miserable toxic phase and my dear friend, that’s why you survived and how! 



From shying away to accepting about your mental illness to bearing it all and finally winning over it. This is laudable to the next level because not everyone has the heart to go through it. You are now open to talking about it. You now understand people better, their suffering better. You get the symptoms when you see someone is low and jump in to get them out from that deep pool of dejection. More than anything, you listen. And so don’t you think this is something you should be extremely proud of? The ‘semicolon’ symbol sure does perfectly fit every mental illness survivor; wherein the author could have chosen to end the sentence, but chose not to. Because you are the hero that you’ve been looking for all your life. 



-A fellow survivor.


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