Is your partner a psychopath? Here are 5 signs that will tell you the truth

Everyone has a unique partner and a relationship. Some people act like psychopaths in a relationship. Check out these 5 signs to know if you’re dating one.
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A psychopath is a person who does not have any physical defects but lacks conscience. Such people do not understand human emotions. Trust, understanding, love etc are just simple words for them. They do not have feelings. Psychopaths are normal to other people around them. They are friendly and likeable. On the other hand, they treat their closed ones miserably. Dating a psychopath can be a nightmare. Check out these 5 signs that tell you that you’re dating a psychopath.

Emotional Disinterest

Psychopaths do not have feelings for their partner. They act like a hard rock against human emotions. For instance, if you are feeling stressed and want to express your emotions to your partner, a psychopath wouldn’t listen to you. Even after a fight, they don’t care whether you’re upset or angry. They do not feel any guilt when they hurt someone.

Emotional Disinterest

Frequent Lies

A psychopath lies about petty things like household work, shopping etc. They only say what you want to hear and hide the bad part of the story. Frequent and chronic lying is one of the signs that you’re dating a psychopath. They want things that benefit them, hence they lie and make their way out.


You may notice that your partner often manipulates you. Say for example, your partner keeps saying ‘If you really love me, you’ll do this for me’. This is a sign that your partner is controlling you and getting things done their way. Manipulative behavior is a sign that your partner is a psychopath.



A psychopath partner is arrogant. They always brag about their achievements and are never grateful for your strengths and accomplishments. Psychopaths think that they matter more than anyone else and keep talking about their self-worth. They feel uncomfortable when you talk about your own achievements.

Lack of Support

A psychopath buys things without understanding your budget and considering if you can really afford that. They do not understand your situation and spend regardless. This lack of support from your partner shows that you’re dating a psychopath.

Lack of support

If you’re facing problems dealing with your psychopath partner, try and talk to him/her. Make your partner understand when he/she is calm. If that doesn’t work out for you, cut them off from your life.

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