Is your partner pulling away? This could be the reason

Sometimes your partner may choose to emotionally shut you out without any explanation and that can be hard on a person.
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You’ve been together for a while now but suddenly things aren’t the same anymore. Your partner feels distant and there seems to be an emotional disconnect between you both. Your conversations lack the emotional connection and it seems like your partner is pulling away from you. Your partner stops initiating conversations or making plans with you as often. It seems like your partner suddenly does not want to take the first step anymore. Even though your partner is very close to you there seems to be a gap in your relationship and it simply grows if you ignore it. It’s difficult to live with it and it’s essential to spot the signs and understand why your partner may be pulling away from you. Here are some common reasons why this may be happening.

1. You’ve been very clingy lately. You always want to be by their side and though you may be going through a phase if you’re constantly very needy your partner may feel the need to take a step back for a bit.

2. You may be taking your partner for granted. No one likes being taken for granted and your partner is unable to communicate this with you.

3. Your partner may be under a lot of stress. It could be work-related stress or it could be due to something in their personal lives. Your partner could be close to burnout and that could be the reason why they’re stepping away.

4. Your partner may be feeling unloved or neglected. You may have been subconsciously ignoring your partner's needs and it may seem to them that you’re distant and they may be pulling away because of that. If you haven’t been appreciating your partner that could simply be the reason.

5. Have you been criticizing your partner too much? It may seem like you’re nagging or constantly complaining and making them feel bad about themselves. This is why they need to step away from you and shut you out.

6. If your relationship lacks personal space your partner may be feeling smothered and that can be enough to make them want to shut you out and take a little emotional breather.

7. Your partner may want to move his or her focus from your relationship to their work or education or their career. They may have been missing out too much because they were focused on the relationship and they may simply want to catch up.

8. They’re losing the loving feeling. Your partner may be falling out of love with you or maybe falling for someone else. 

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