Is your relationship on autopilot? Here are 5 powerful ways to switch it off

A relationship is about two people actively engaging with each other. Sometimes, this relationship goes on autopilot. Here’s how to switch off your relationship autopilot.
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Fun, love and care – without these elements, is a relationship really a relationship? No efforts, no fun and no love mean you’re living in a monotonous relationship and being with your partner only for the sake of it. A relationship has more meaning to it when there is a strong bond and engagement.


A relationship is said to be on autopilot when the two people no longer engage with each other. There is lack of attention from both sides. A couple, who no longer makes efforts to shape their relationship and direct it towards a positive path, is on autopilot. They go with the flow and let everything happen on its own. No excitement, no fun, no love, no caring and no attention stagnates your relationship.

You both do what you like and stick to your routine without paying attention to your partner. You both spend days and nights like robots. This weakens your bond and destroys your relationship.


Make time for each other

Spend quality time with each other. No matter how busy you’re, take some time out for your partner. Make it a habit to sit with your partner over a cup of coffee/tea every night. This will bring both of you closer. Make efforts to give your partner time.

Spend quality time

Make your partner a priority

Tell your partner how important he/she is. Fulfill your partner’s need and do what keeps both of you happy. Don’t neglect your partner. If you’re having a plan with your friends and your partner wants to go out too, choose him/her. This is because your relationship is presently stagnating and it is important to save it first.

Talk about your dreams and goals

Start talking about what you want out of life with your partner. Do you see yourself with him/her in the future? Discuss all your thoughts. This will give you a clear solution to your problems and strengthen your bond. Convey your dreams and priorities to your partner. This will help you know if your goals match. Discuss your emotional, physical and financial needs. Make your communication clear.

Talk about your future

Know yourself

Take time and awaken yourself to tune in to what you’re feeling. What is your intention when you’re with your partner? What is preventing you from engaging with your partner? Understand your mind and body. This will help you face the problem in a more effective way.

Do something out of your routine

Make it a habit to do something which is not in your routine. Go for a walk or go for dates. Play chess, board games etc at home. Discuss the news. Make this as a happy time and do not get any complaints or fights in between.

Play board games

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