Is your relationship heading to the pits? Follow these 5 tips to save yourself from a bad breakup

When your relationship seems like it is going through a downward spiral, these five tips might help save it, and the both of you from all that pain and heartbreak.
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Relationships are tricky. They are fun and game until they suddenly aren't. Once the two of you are past the honeymoon stage, everything cute that they initially did, drives you insane. In all relationships, there are problems. But there comes a time when the problems get too much to handle, you might inch towards a breakup, which is obviously not easy to deal with. And while it is okay to breakup, there are multiple ways to avoid it. So, why be sad apart from your loved one, when you can be happy together?

Saving a suffering relationship can be difficult, but it is not impossible. But in order to save the relationship, you must feel like it is worth it. If it is truly worth saving, then follow the five steps below that might just end up saving your relationship from a breakup, and saving you and your partner from all that unnecessary pain and trauma. 

Argue, but don't insult

Fights turn ugly very easily. It is extremely easy to say mean things and hurt the other person with your words. But it gets worse when you say something with the slip of your tongue and the other cannot forget it and forgive what you said. Arguing is healthy, but don't get nasty.

Put yourself first
In a relationship, people get too involved too fast. You also tend to put the other person above you and feel the need to fulfill their demands before yours and when you don't get treated the same way, you feel neglected and hurt. At times like this, it is important to tell your partner. Eventually, you will blame them for your unhappiness, so avoid the cycle earlier.

Make time for just you two

Choose how to spend your alone time together. Take a weekend trip, spend time together at home, set aside date nights and do everything possible to spend as much time as possible together. You tend to get busy and caught up, but make time for each other, clear the distance and it should all be good again!

Don't lie
There is a common notion that everybody lies, since it is very easy to do so. But relationships are built on trust and everytime you are caught lying the trust fades. People might say white lies don't matter, but at the end of the day, even that is a form of lying. And if you are caught, no matter how small the lie, it will break the other person's trust.

Don't go to bed angry
You may have heard this enough number of times, but it is sound advice that everybody must follow. No matter how late it is and how long it takes, if you are fighting, try to come up with a compromise or a middle point because if you go to bed angry with each other, you will also wake up angry at each other, and continue to be mad at each other. It is a vicious and never ending cycle that nobody should be part of. 

At the end of the day, it is only upto the two of you to save your relationship. So think hard and deep about whether or not your relationship is worth saving, before giving it all you can all over again. 

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