Zodiac signs and the tattoos that you should be getting RIGHT NOW

In today’s listicle we’ll be discussing about the zodiac signs and which tattoo design they should be opting for
Zodiac signs and the tattoos that you should be getting RIGHT NOWZodiac signs and the tattoos that you should be getting RIGHT NOW
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The final quarter of the year has kicked in and all of it calls for major celebrations. All of us have different ways of sealing these moments and making them last a lifetime. While some like to seal it in their minds, some want to capture them with pictures and polaroids and then there are people who get it tattooed. 


Tattoos are an extension of one’s own personality. They come from a place of thoughts and emotions which are binded with a purpose. This is that one thing which you is going to be engraved on your body for life. They in fact become a part of you, a part of your soul and existence. 


The definition and meaning of tattoos differ from person to person. For some it is a way of remembering something or someone special, for some it is symbolic, for some it is a depiction of their beliefs and for some it stands for “good design”. In today’s listicle we’ll be discussing about the zodiac signs and which tattoo design they should be opting for. 





Aries are extremely focused with their objectives. They are super confident and believe in their way of thinking. An arrow fits the bill perfectly for them. You only want to come forward in speed and hence arrows or a form of it work for you the best. 





You enjoy being pampered. You live for the good life. You love taking a weekend getaway, taking vacations, staying in the pool for hours. You love the neck area and hence you’d prefer a tattoo there. A palm tree represents your mood and vibe perfectly. You enjoy the soft breeze, the earthy smell and the feeling of life. 





Geminis love to be let loose. They enjoy the high. The love the free spiritedness which makes them fly and hence wings is the apt tattoo for them. Wings, birds, feathers, they all capture a Gemini’s mood perfectly. Given their dual personality you can pick a design with two types of design merged in it. 





Cancerians are known for their homely and lovely nature. They love symbols which signify peace, love, family and goodness. A heartbeat, heart, anchor or a name tattoo of someone who is near and dear to you are tattoos which you should get on your body. 





The one who absolutely loves being in the limelight. Leos are natural bosses. Lion or a crown tattoo perfectly defines you. Supermodel Cara Delevigne has a lion tattooed on her index finger, cool isn’t it?





Virgos are all about the details. The picky zodiac sign loves designs which are intricate, symbolic and are aesthetically made. You love things that have a meaning, hence, you should opt for a quote or a detailed geometric design tattoo. 





Libra cannot bear to be alone. They need their best friend or wingman or woman with them at all times. You need your forever soulmate with you all the time, 24x7. A tattoo twinning with your BFF or soulmate is perfect for you. 





One of the most passionate signs of all times. Since you’ll are high on desires a rose tattoo signifies exactly that. Also you’ll love which tilt on the sexier side so something on the lines of getting your tattoo done on your thighs or hips works wonders. 





A true travel enthusiast. You are a free bird and wanderlust defines your personality. Go for an abstract world map or words such as “wandered”, “globetrotter” defines your tattoo selection the best. 





Capricorns are the humble, grounded beings who are extremely hardworking and dedicated. Anything which holds the ground, an anchor, roots, a tree, are tattoos which you should be opting for. 





You want to make this world a better place. You feel for Mother Nature and do your best to save and nurture it. A mandala, universe, planets, these are the tattoos which you’ll are most likely to end up making. 





The ones who love to dream. This water sign hates to be tied down. A heart which flutters and is super romantic, a unicorn, butterfly perfectly fits for them. 


We’ve listed down all the potential tattoos for the various zodiac signs. Do comment below and let us know if you have any tattoos and if they match with the list. 

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