10 Binge worthy K dramas of 2019 you should add to your list of must watch

Updated on May 14, 2020 05:57 PM IST  |  5M
10 Binge worthy K dramas of 2019 you should add to your list of must watch
10 Binge worthy K dramas of 2019 you should add to your list of must watch

Last year was an amazing year for K-dramas. Many great dramas came out in 2019, but you probably didn’t have so much time to prioritize watching them. However, now you have plenty of time to catch up with all the dramas you missed last year. It was tricky to pin down the 10 best dramas of 2019. One, because there are too many to choose from. Two, only ratings don’t decide which Korean drama is the best. You can only understand the dilemma if you are a die-hard K-drama fan. 

There is a long list of K-dramas that aired in 2019 but there are some that stand out. We have narrowed down our search to dramas that aired in 2019 and had great acting, thought-provoking storyline and amazing cast. Also, if there is international streaming availability. "Sky Castle" and "Memories of Alhambra" are two K-dramas that are amazing but had to be cut out of the list as they were aired in 2018. 

Keeping all this in mind, we have compiled a list of 2019’s best Korean Dramas to watch (in no particular order).  

1. Hotel Del Luna 

Starring singer IU and Yeo Jin Goo, Hotel Del Luna tells the story of an elite hotelier of a hotel that caters to spirits and prepares them for their journey to the afterlife. But she does it all for a purpose. You won’t regret watching this one. 

Where to watch: Netflix and Viki  

2. Extraordinary You 

A romantic fantasy comedy that tells a story of a girl who realizes she is a supporting character in the manga and tries to forge her destiny by changing the plot and finding her own true love. It is much more than just your typical high-school drama. 

Where to watch: Netflix 

3. Arthdal Chronicles

In a mythical land, the inhabitants of Arthdal struggle with power, politics while some encounter love along the way. This one is an epic historical drama set in fictional times with a complex and intriguing story. This is a must-watch for those who enjoy watching epic, complex shows. 

Where to watch: Netflix 

4. Crash Landing on You 

Starring Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin, started late in 2019 is a story of a South Korean heiress who accidentally lands in North Korea after encountering a tornado whilst paragliding. The excellent chemistry between the leads and comic take on life in a North Korean village makes it a must-watch. 

Where to watch: Netflix 

5. When the Camellia Blooms 

A single mother who decides to start anew in a small town after facing the hardships of life. It is a story of a woman who reassures that no matter how many stones life throws at you, there’s always a way to overcome it. 

Where to watch: Netflix 

6. The Fiery Priest 

A bad-tempered priest, a prosecutor with questionable ethics and a detective that hardly gets anything right comes together to solve a heinous crime. It was the unexpected hit that garnered a lot of love. This one is a must-watch for those who love action-comedies. 

Where to watch: Netflix 

7. Designated Savior: 60 Days 

This drama is based on multi-season US political thriller Designated Survivor, but with a Korean twist. The series revolves around environment minister Park Mu-Jin who becomes the reluctant acting president for sixty days after the explosion at the National Assembly building kills the current President. 

Where to watch: Netflix 

8. Vagabond 

This series tells a story of a stuntman (Lee Seung Gi) who gets involved in a tragic plane crash and ends up amid a national scandal. The ending of the show left many people confused. However, the agency hinted at having a second season of the series. 

Where to watch: Netflix 

9. Romance is a Bonus Book 

This tells a story of two childhood friends who have been with each other through thick and thin. It is a story about second chances. It is a fun rom-com with good performances and Lee Jong Suk! 

Where to watch: Netflix 

10. Angel’s Last Mission: Love 

A fantasy romance about a trouble-making angel who sets out to help a blind heiress realize her dream of becoming a ballerina. There are rich backstories, a bit of mystery and a forbidden romance. You will feel the joy and sorrow of the characters with each passing episode. 

Where to watch: Viki 

Honourable Mentions: 

Touch your Heart. 

He is Psychometric. 

Love Alarm. 


Search: WWW. 

Tell us which K-drama of 2019 is your favourite in the comments section below.

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