10 Easy ways to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali to protect our environment

Diwali 2020 will be celebrated on November 14. It consists of many things that are damaging to us and the environment like crackers, rangoli colours, etc. So, switch to a more organic way to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali this year.
Eco friendly Diwali ideas10 Easy ways to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali to protect our environment
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The biggest festival of India, Diwali is on its way and will be celebrated on November 14. This festival is all about lights, meeting friends and family, exchanging sweets with each other, etc. But crackers are also a prime part of this occasion which is extremely harmful to the environment.

The chemicals in the crackers and their gas cause problems in older people and asthma patients. It is also not safe for children as well. But that doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate Diwali. We can always do it in an eco-friendly way without any crackers, candles and noise. Here’s how to do it.

Easy ways to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali:

Natural rangoli

Earlier, rangoli used to be a way of sharing foods with insects and birds. This tradition is still alive in the Southern part of India where Kolam is made with rice paste or rice flour to offer some foods to the birds and ants. So, you can also opt for this idea to avoid artificial colours for rangoli. For colouring, use kumkum, turmeric, coffee powder and flowers.

NO candles

Instead of candles use normal earthen oil diyas to light up your abode this Diwali. But avoid the painted ones as they have artificial colours which are harmful to us. Candles have petroleum which releases toxins while burning which are dangerous for us and the environment. And always use LED lights as they consume less power than the normal ones.

Eco-friendly home décor

If you are planning to paint your house, then use eco-friendly colours as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. And try to use DIY hacks for home décor to recycle old stuff.


Gifting to your loved ones is a major part of Diwali celebration. So, opt for eco-friendly gifts like organic skin care products, teas, spices, etc.

For your furry friends

If you have pets in your house, then request your neighbours to not use crackers this Diwali. And always try to provide a shelter for the stray dogs to keep them protected from the Diwali evening when everyone will burst crackers.

Gift boxes

Ditch normal plastic bags or boxes for packing sweets or gifts and instead go for the eco-friendly Diwali gift boxes. You can search online for these to save the planet.


After Diwali, manage all the waste things wisely. Separate the bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste to dispose it properly.

No crackers

Say NO to crackers this Diwali and celebrate it in a calmer way by lighting sky lanterns on your terrace on any open space. This will be enough to enjoy this Diwali without any noise pollution.

Homecooked foods

Try to celebrate this occasion with homecooked foods only. But if you have to buy from the shops, then take your own containers.

Recycle stuff

Never dispose of your diyas and other decorative stuff. Keep them as you can also use it the next year.

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