10 kickass tips to slay your Instagram stories

Updated on Jun 29, 2017 10:12 AM IST  |  2.7M
10 kickass tips to slay your Instagram stories

II'll admit it- when Instagram launched it's Insta-stories, I was a tad bit disappointed, obviously because they simply ripped snapchat and copied them left right and centre. I mean just imagine going through the Insta story of each and every person you follow! Sounds crazy right? But over time with Instagram rolling out their new features of Insta stories, I grew to like the feature and found myself drifting away from snapchat and updating my Insta stories more often. 

Being an ardent story update-r, here are 20 tips and tricks for turning any Instagram Story into a thing of beauty. Here are tips for you to slay your insta story game: 

1. Go Live Again 

First Instagram let us go live and sent push notifications to all our followers when we were live, but the sad part? Your live was gone and there was no way you could save it and let those who missed could not see it ever again including you. But with the new share options, all things are now hunky dory. If you want to give your Live video extra life, choose the "share" option that appears after ending your video. This lets you replay the footage on your Story for an extra 24 hours so that friends who didn't catch it in the moment can watch there.


2. Selfie Stickers 

Taking pictures is too mainstream? Let your floating head do the talking. To create a selfie sticker that you can place anywhere in a photo, touch your stickers folder in the upper right-hand corner and pick the camera icon. Take your photo. Then, tap the selfie to attach a circular white border around the frame and push about as you please.


3. Reverse

You just poured a cup full of maple syrup over your pancakes, well if you poured too much you cannot take it back in real life but virtually in your insta stories you sure can. Defy newtons law of gravity and reverse actions of a video with the rewind camera mode. 



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4. Celebrate Wednesday or any day! 

With colourful and cheerful insta-story stickers, you can celebrate each day! In its most recent sticker pack, Instagram Stories rolled out stickers for every day of the week. You don't need a reason to wait for a special day! It is Tuesday rejoice! 


5. Add background to your text 

Sometimes when you type text over an image it is just not visible no matter hat the colour of the text is, a little extra background (colour) is needed. After typing your text, tap the "A" text icon in the top middle of the screen to highlight your words. 


6. Represent your city with a Geo sticker 

Just like snapchat's geo filters, Instagram launched Geo stickers. The app is just starting to roll out the location based stickers and they also have location-based insta stories so you can see your story there, alongside others who visited the same place or used the same city sticker. 


7. Color Change

Why stick with blue when you can have blue and pink? Just highlight the word or letter that you want in a different colour and choose from your colour palette.


8. Boomerang the shit out of your insta story 

Boomerang is hands down one feature that one-ups snapshot! 


9. Cheat the  instantaneous system

You can always pull up a photo taken in the last 24 hours from your camera roll and unlike snapchat's ugly white borders you don't have to go through that. Instead, Instagram lets you upload the entire picture in all its entirety. 


10. All The Memories

Like Snapchat Memories, you can set your Instagram Stories account to automatically save all of your photos and videos (if you don't, they disappear after 24 hours). To do this — and to control who can see your stories — go to your settings tab in the upper left corner and move the toggle for "save shared stories" to the right




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