10 Kitchen hacks that will save your day and make life easier

Follow these simple and effective kitchen hacks and your life will be easier. Read on to know more.
People,kitchen hacks10 Kitchen hacks that will save your day and make life easier
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Are you a cook or a budding cook? Then you are at the right place as today we have compiled 10 useful kitchen tips for you. Many people think cooking and managing kitchen and foods are easy tasks, however, all the cooks and budding cooks know that it is a myth as there can be several disasters and epic fails. Issues while food prepping or baking predicament or imbalances of flavors and ingredients are some of the common snags we face.  

But the ever-evolving kitchen hacks are here to save your day. Many of us must be knowing some quick fixes as well. So, aside from the below-mentioned ones, let us know your hacks in the comment section below. Let us meanwhile check out some quick and clever kitchen hacks. 

1. How to prevent potatoes from going bad
In these lockdown days and generally, too, it is important to reduce food waste. Talking about staple food potatoes, they need special care to avoid sprouting and rotting. 
One hack is to store them with apples and avoid having onions nearby. Make sure to keep them in a cool dark place.

2. Avoid deep cleaning of the grater
Tired of cleaning grater after each use? Polythene can help you. Cover the cooking equipment with it and start rubbing food items against it. 
After that, simply throw out the polythene and the grater will not that messy.

3. How to get rid of bad smells from jars
Is the garlic jar still stinking post-wash and want to store something else in it? Try a simple trick of adding a lump of the newspaper. Apparently they can absorb bad odors. Take a few sheets of newspaper and crumple them up. 
Later, add them inside the jar or plastic container and after a few hours the smell should go away.

4. Keep eggs fresh with oil
If you want to keep eggs fresh for a longer period of time then smear them with vegetable oil and then keep them in the fridge.

5. Avoid seed fuss and get more lemon juice 
A simple way to get the juice of lemon without the hassle of seeds is here. Pierce the lemon with a toothpick and push. For the later purposes, tape the hole and keep it in the fridge. Also, to get more juice, microwave a lemon for 5-7 seconds. 
And then, roll the lemon back and forth under your palm on the counter. 

6. How to keep greens fresh and bright
Firstly wash and dry out your products. And then put them in a plastic bag, fill it with air, and tie it up. 

7. How to soften butter faster
Forgot to take the butter out of the fridge for some recipe? Follow this hack and soften butter quickly. Firstly, cut the butter into cubes and let it sit on the counter for about 20 minutes. The whole stick will take more time to melt than the cubes. 

8. How to fix over-salted food
There are lots of ways to rescue over-salted food. You can add potato wedges and either let it sit in the dish for 10 minutes, or cook the curry with the potato over very low heat for a few minutes (remove them while serving). Or you can add a small amount of sugar or yogurt.

9 How to tackle hard to open jars
Wrap the lid with a rubber band and give it a try. If that’s still not enough, cover the rubberbanded top with a cloth and try again.

10. Heat your food evenly in the microwave
To heat food evenly, spread the food in a circle so that the center is empty. In this way, every piece or part will be properly heated. 

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement