WATCH: 10 Korean dramas to make you fall in love again

Updated on May 09, 2020 10:59 AM IST  |  10.1M
WATCH: 10 Korean dramas to make you fall in love again
WATCH: 10 Korean dramas to make you fall in love again

Who doesn’t love a passionate or innocent love? The one that sends butterflies in the stomach and makes you wonder unimaginable romantic cheesy things. Well, most of the time these seem like far-fetched dreams. If you’re someone who is not feeling the love, welcome to the K-World for all the romance you need in life. Until of course a heartthrob date sweeps you out of your feet. 

But if it’s missing from your life, you shouldn’t cave in and think about the miseries of your life. You turn to K-dramas instead! As you suffer the slings and arrows of real-life romantic relationships, K-dramas can be really validating and comforting to see. They give you an opportunity to dive in the world of romance that makes you imagine things so beautiful and interesting that it seems unrealistic. But even so, they might make you feel like you’re the one experiencing the romance. 

Without further ado, here is a list of 10 K-dramas to make you fall in LOVE again:

1. Fight My Way 

Starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won, this is a story of childhood friends who realize their deeper feelings for one another after years of hanging out together. The little things, the bickering and the love in the show will totally make you want to find someone for yourself. 

2. Love Rain 

One of those shows that give you heartwarming feelings when you see the two leads falling in love. What makes this one special is that the story of the main characters is intertwined with the love story of their parents. 

3. The Bride of Habaek 

A water god has to visit Earth to find three powerful stones. On his journey, he meets the woman who is fated to serve him while he is on Earth. Yes, she is the bride of Habaek. Watch it to see how it turns out! 

4. Her Private Life 

It is about an art curator who is secretly a major fan of a Korean idol. And she falls in love with her boss. This show makes you realise how the person who truly loves you will accept every part of you. 

5. She Was Pretty 

A sweet love story of a girl who was known for her looks when she was younger, but became unattractive as she grew older. If you want to watch something light, this is it. 

6. Descendants of the Sun 

One of the major shows that led to the international rise of Korean shows, Descendants of the Sun follows the lives of a Korean soldier who falls in love with a doctor. The story will keep you hooked and the chemistry is beyond imagination. 

7. Heirs/ The Inheritors 

A story set in Korean high school and it is all about the lives of the privileged kids fighting for power among themselves as well as their families. It is majorly about a rich guy falling in love with the daughter of the housemaid. 

8. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

A drama about a hardworking and passionate secretary who suddenly decides to quit her job. It’s a light drama with a lot of comedy. If you don’t mind over-the-top comedy then give this one a watch. 

9. Strong Girl Do Bong Soon 

This show is all about a woman with super-strength, Do Bong Soon! The love story is adorable and the drama is fun, romantic and unique in its own way.  

10. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 

A weightlifter student who has a crush on her guy friend's older brother but that doesn’t work out. However, her friend is always there to lift her mood up. Everything about this show will make you fall in love and the couple is far too cute for words. 

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