10 Signs prove that you are a highly sensitive person (HSP)

Want to know if you are a highly sensitive person aka HSP or not? Then read on about the telltale signs of it right here.
People,highly sensitive person,HSP10 Signs prove that you are a highly sensitive person (HSP)
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You must have heard that it is good to be sensitive but there are some people who are highly sensitive and they experience the world differently than others. Due to certain differences that they’re born with, they are more aware of small things and process information deeply. They are mostly creative, insightful, and empathetic and are also prone to stress than others. If you are thinking being HSP is something abnormal, then let me tell you that it is not a disease and disorder. 

Speaking of this personality trait, it was first researched by Dr. Elaine N. Aron in the ear 1991. Her findings were published in several articles and in her book The Highly Sensitive Person. One of the common traits of HSP is unable to make a decision. For example, you may take a good amount of time to decide what you will like to have in a restaurant as you have a tendency towards weighing all the options that are provided. Even if you have a slight idea of what you want you still want to explore the options given. 

When it comes to big and life-changing decisions, you often become overwhelmed by just thinking about potential outcomes. Aside from this, there are several signs of HSP. Are you a highly sensitive person? Check out the tell-tale signs to know. 

1. You think very deeply 
The cornerstone of being HSP is that they process and analyze information very deeply. And that's why many of them are overthinkers. They can obsessively play events over and over in their mind which can spiral into anxious thoughts.

2. You cannot watch violent/horror movies
As per studies, highly sensitive people get overly stimulated by violent/horror films. Your nervous system will thank you for turning down. 

3. You abhor any kind of cruelty and violence
Everyone hates it, but for highly sensitive people, seeing or even hearing about it can be very unsettling. News of cruel acts can make you fall ill. 

4. Loud noises leave you startled 
Sudden noises and fast traffic can leave you irritated and shocked. Even bright lights and certain strong scents make you uncomfortable.

5. Your tolerance to pain is low
HSPs are unable to tolerate pain such as headaches, body aches, injuries, etc

6. You get upset with changes
Changes, any positive or negative can throw off HSPs as being comfortable in routines is less stimulating. 

7. You get hangry easily
They get hangry easily as they tend to be sensitive to blood sugar levels' rise and fall.

8. You are highly conscientious
HSPs care a lot about the way they present themselves and how their actions affect others. They are very considerate towards others and have extremely good manners.

9. You feel uncomfortable in large gatherings
Do large public crowds or a room full of people talking make you uncomfortable? Then you could an HSP. 

10. You become self-conscious during romantic and intimate situations
Many HSPs excessively worry about partner’s approval, they are often afraid of being judged or rejected by their partner or spouse. 

Other common signs
Thinking about what others are thinking, take things personally, emotionally they get hurt easily hard time accepting critical feedback, negative comparison and you get easily angry over unjust society and situations. HSPs also cry often as they heightened sense of emotion. 

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Anonymous 3 weeks ago

So it's actually 9 signs. You went from #1 to #3 and ruined the credibility of the article in the process.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

They have repeated the number 4 twice which makes 10 points

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

When you are sad or unhappy no one cares .. you mean gut as well be happy yourself .dust yourself get up and go ...

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