10 Small things to practice every day to stay happy and positive always

In our busy schedule, we often forget to give some free time to ourselves and appreciate our life. As a result, we often feel sad. So, here are 10 simple things to practice for staying happy and motivated in life.
10 Small things to practice every day to stay happy and positive always
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It’s very important to stay happy and positive always. And for this, you need to practice certain small things every day to motivate yourself. These little things help to appreciate ourselves and our life. We often get sad very easily and feel depressed about ourselves. Some regular bad habits are responsible for this negative feeling. So, here are 10 things that make us feel happy every day. 

10 Things to be happy and positive always: 


We only smile when we are happy. But we need to practice smiling whenever we are tensed or stressed out. Because smiling helps to release dopamine from the brain. You can also stand in front of the mirror every morning and smile. 


Be it yoga, mild workout or intense exercises, do some kind of physical activity every day. This reduces stress, anxiety, symptoms of depression and will boost your self-esteem and happiness. You can also take a small walk around your area. 

Get proper sound sleep

Deep sleep is a crucial thing to stay energetic and happy in your life. So, keep a check on your everyday- sleep pattern. You can also download any sleep booster app on your phone for it. 

Eat right

Foods play a major role in our mood, so eat right always. Include veggies, whole grains, beans, legumes, lean meat, eggs, dairy products etc. in your meals so that they will increase your dopamine release and improve the digestion process. And try to avoid high-processed and deep-fried foods as much as possible. 

Be grateful and give compliments

Always be grateful to the life and people you have. Appreciate each good thing that has come across your life. Give compliments to others as it will boost someone’s confidence and make you feel happy. According to research, giving compliments is an act of kindness. 


Whenever you are stressed or just in your regular mood, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. This will make you feel calm. 

Unhappy moments 

Acknowledge unhappy or sad moments in your life. Consider them as a general part of our life. 

Keep a diary

Keep your secret diary and write on it about your daily plan, feelings, thoughts etc. This will help you to vent out. You can also practise writing one line each day on it. 

Call someone

Call at least one of your friends or family members in a day and talk to them. They will also be happy to get your call. 

Invite your closed ones

Invite your friends or family members in your house and arrange for a small party or get-together or summer barbeque. Having your dear ones around you and spending some good time with them will make you happy.

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