10 Ways to Deal with an Ignoring Leo Man

Your Leo is the type who fears getting hurt, even though he is full of love and ready to flaunt you to the world, discover a few reasons why he may be acting aloof.

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Ways to Deal with an Ignoring Leo Man
Ways to Deal with an Ignoring Leo Man

Leo is an extrovert at full throttle, always putting himself out there, in case you hadn't noticed. So, if it seems like you are boring him, he can get bored with you. If so, resist the urge to contact or send him several SMS in an attempt to convince him to reconsider your decision. He'll probably take your critique the wrong way because of his enormous ego and corresponding amount of arrogance, which will just make him angry and cause the situation to worsen for a considerable amount of time! There are, I assure you, better ways to entice a Leo man to gaze your way once more. Discover some of them as you read on.

1.       Allow your self-assurance to soar

The thing about Leo men is this. All hope may not be lost if your Leo man ignores you and appears to have lost interest in the relationship you two enjoy. The goal is to try to focus on yourself through improving your self-esteem rather than actively trying to win him over.

2.       Demands are raised by scarcity

As they say, "demands increase with scarcity." Decide to be elusive. You shouldn't have been caught looking unattractive all this time. Make sure you are attractive at all times so he can see what he's missing when he periodically encounters you.

3.       It wouldn't hurt to speak with him

It's weird that your Leo man, who is an extrovert as was already mentioned, ignores you and doesn't want to chat to you. Yes, your Leo man is compassionate, and he might even make a good spouse, but he also has a weak ego that is easily bruised. So, take a close look to spot your errors. If it appears that you may have made fun of his emotions, you may need to get in touch with him to atone in a mature manner.

4.       Be a jovial partner

To start building a small emotional connection, SMS your Leo partner jokes, amusing memes, and kind notes. Instead of surprising him with regrets and feelings in person, it's a terrific method to re-engage him.

5.       Utilise his artistic passion

A successful way is to engage him through the arts. Yes, since your Leo values creativity and artistic ability, employing this as a hook may be effective. You may lure him with theatre tickets or a day at a fashion show because Leos are suckers for artsy stuff.

Ways to Deal with an Ignoring Leo Man

6.       Bolster his confidence

So, it makes sense to capitalise on his ego for your own gain. How do you stroke the ego of a Leo man? Remind him of how admirable and lovely he is.

7.       Post pictures with a close friend of the opposite sex

You can both reaffirm his commitment to the bond and gently tease him. This will make him long for your companionship. Although it might seem the reverse of not pursuing him, your Leo's egotistical personality may occasionally cause him to wait for you to initiate contact even though he was the one who gave you the cold shoulder.

8.       Step up your flirting

One tactic that will work on him like it would on any other person is flirting with him. In order to make this advice effective, try switching between flirting and playing hard to get.

9.       Try to reassure him in some manner

Your Leo is the type who fears getting hurt, even though he is full of love and ready to flaunt you to the world. So, don't be shocked if his oblivious behaviour is simply a result of his desire to confirm your love for him.

10.   Don't be critical of him for avoiding you

Because you are not totally sure you hurt your Leo, you should avoid trying to call him out. Maybe you are the outspoken type and you feel calling his attitude immature or childish may get him to rethink, trust me, you'll only end up bruising his ego more and pushing him away.

I know it can be tempting to speak your mind this way, but the best approach to dealing with a Leo man is to respect him and let him come to you when he's ready.

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