11 Mistakes Pisces Women Tend to Make in Relationships

A Pisces woman emotionally invests herself too much in a relationship that she gets lost. Find out the common mistakes this zodiac’s fish commit while in love.

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It is not wrong to say that relationships are complicated!

It is not wrong to say that relationships are complicated! It’s the human tendency to crib and cry about the tiniest of things in their existing relationship and aspire for a more exhilarating one. A relationship gets easier when you and your partner are willing to understand each other’s personality and more than that get aware of the potential mistakes your boo is going to make in the commitment. Pisces is a water sign which is recognised as the emotionally accustomed empaths in the zodiacal wheel. A Pisces woman emotionally invests herself too much in a relationship that she gets lost in the process. Though having a sensitive and intuitive side is bliss to the personality, having too much of intense emotions can give a roller-coaster ride to the mood, sentiments and feelings while taking a toll on the relationship. Read on to find out about the common mistakes this zodiac’s fish commit to make the flow of your love life effortless. 

1. Have Struggle With Confines

Being highly emotional, Pisces juggle the boundaries of their feelings and emotions. A Pisces woman gets too involved in her own feelings that she forgets about her partner’s. A lack of emotional boundaries results in an unhealthy co-dependent relationship.

2. Not Being Able to Face Reality

Ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisces is known for its great fantasizing capabilities. These beings are dreamers and have creative mindsets which keep on making fake scenarios in their heads. This quality makes them being unrealistic about relationships and they don’t even want to come out in reality since they don’t want to break their expectations.

Not Being Able to Face Reality

3. Being Variable

The zodiac’s fish is a whimsical creature that follows the steps of its heart and believes in going with the flow. Their spontaneous nature makes them struggle to abide by the plans. Pisces should try sticking to the procedures as a way to pay heed to their partner and relationship.

4. A Wishy-Washy Attitude

Being a mutable water sign, Pisces keep on making variations about their ever-changing feelings and this constantly changing emotional flow makes them indecisive about their feelings, making the relationship suffer. A Piscean should know where to stand with their feelings to avoid being wishy-washy.

5. Unable to Decode their Feelings into Words

Pisces are quite good at being intuitive and emotional but not at putting their feelings into words which creates clutter in the relationship. Expecting their partner to read their minds can only lead to miscommunications. Pisces should try to spill the beans on their feelings.

6. Being Highly Sensitive

An elevated level of sensitivity comes naturally with emotional water signs. Due to this, they often take small things to heart and their bad communication never allows them to speak their heart to their partner, leading to multiple issues.

Being Highly Sensitive

7. Changing Their Persona For a Partner

Pisces beings are tuned intensely with their partner so they always understand even the tiniest of needs and desires of them. However, changing yourself and transforming into a new version in order to please someone else is not good for a nurturing relationship.


8. Not Being Able to Perceive

Pisces is a zodiac sign that is ruled by the planet Jupiter which makes them extremely optimistic towards each and everything. But sometimes, due to this, they are not being able to perceive the true colours of their partner. They often forget to do reality checks on their relationship which only makes the affair static without bringing any new changes.

9. Run During Stressful Times

If Pisces is not happy with a relationship, they won’t try solving the problems with their partner. Moreover, during the time of heated arguments and the overwhelming period they prefer to escape as compared to fighting for it. However, shutting down and leaving can only lead to disorganization and further create multiple unsolvable problems.

10. Not Taking Time to Unwind

The Pisces sign is all about feelings, sentiments and passionate emotions; therefore, they forget to recharge themselves. However, in a relationship, two people need their own space and time as a way to restore and rejuvenate themselves. No matter, how much peace you gain with your partner, it is extremely vital to rest and recharge solo.

Not Taking Time to Unwind

11. They only Focus on Cheesy Costly Romantic Materialism

Pisces are sentimental and emotional beings who are highly romantic and they even fanaticise dreamy and surreal scenarios in their head with their partner. A Piscean is sometimes a little pricey to maintain in a relationship since they love cheesy high-end gifts and romantic dates every now and then.


Pisces is an emotional and passionate sign who brings warmth and comfort to their relationship. Pay heed to the aforementioned mistakes to stabilise and secure your relationship with a Piscean woman.

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