13 Most inspiring and powerful quotes of Mary Kom

Updated on Jul 31, 2021 10:59 AM IST  |  129.5K
Popular quotes of Mary Kom

Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, nicknamed as Magnificent Mary, is the only female to win the World Amateur Boxing Championship six times. And she is the only Indian female boxer who have qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics. So, here are some of the most inspiring quotes from her.

1-“ Never buy gold, simply earn it.”

2-“Don’t give up as there is always a next time.”

3-“What you sow, you will reap. What I sow, I will reap.”

4-“Don’t let anyone tell you are weak because you are a women.”

5-“Hard times have abandoned you, good times lie in wait for you.”

6-“I do not only rely on my technique or strength but also on my mind.”

7-“In sportsperson’s life, pressure is always there; you have to learn to deal with it.”

8-“A country like India has a lot of potential. My life is my message-Nothing is Impossible.”

9-“If I, being a mother of two, can win a medal, so can you all. Take me as an example and don’t give up.”

10-“People used to say that boxing is for men and not for women, and I thought I will show them some day. I promise myself and I proved myself.”

11-“I expect racial discrimination to reduce as our people win medals for the country."

12-“It has been a tough journey. I carried on with the support of family and friends. Despite the loss today, I am satisfied with the way I performed."

13-“If I, being a mother of two, can win a medal, so can you all. Take me as an example and don`t give up."

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