15 Facts you must know about stress

Knowing more and more about stress can help us be aware of our health and take preventive measures.
People,stress,facts,you need to know15 Facts you must know about stress
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It is impossible to completely avoid stress, but you must try and keep reducing it. There are various stressors in life which affect our mental and physical health. All types of stress have various effects on the body which may be harmful. More stress awareness can help us take better care of people around us. When you are dealing with excess stress, make sure to exercise, meditate and eat healthy. Check out these facts about stress which will help you understand your body and you can help your family and friends too.


Stress is universal – This means stress affects everyone. It comes naturally to all human beings. Stress at work, home, financial issues or school are some examples of stressors in every individual’s life. Some people may experience it for a long period of time whereas some stressors are short-term.


Women are more prone to stress – Most women experience stress often as compared to men. It is said that women show more physical signs of stress. This does not mean men do not stress. Men show less physical signs of stress.

Stress is a hormonal response – Stress begins from hypothalamus, a part of your brain. When you are stressed, the hypothalamus sends signal throughout your nervous system and to your kidneys. The kidneys in turn release stress hormones.


Stress can be good – Not all stressors are bad. At times, stress can motivate people or build confidence when they need to prepare for a test or an interview. However, if you take excess stress for these things, it might affect your body.

Stress can make you feel hot – Many people feel hot when they stress. Some people have sweaty palms and start feeling hot instantly. This happens due to rise in blood pressure. For instance, if you have a presentation your body starts sweating from the forehead, armpits and groin area.


Stress can cause digestive problems – Stress can cause digestive problems like diarrhea, excessive urination and stomach acidity.


Stress and weight gain – It is said that stress can promote weight gain. When you stress, your body releases stress hormones like cortisol. Excess of cortisol in the body stimulates weight gain.


Stress can cause acne – Your skin is sensitive to stress too. Excess stress can cause breakouts and rashes. This happens due to the inflammatory response from stress.


Stress can mess up your menstrual cycle – Women who stress may miss their period or experience a delay due to stress.


Stress can cause heart diseases – Abnormal heartbeats and chest pain are a few symptoms of stress. These symptoms can develop and cause severe risks.

Stress can damage the brain – Chronic stress can flood the brain with powerful hormones which are meant for short-term emergency situations. This damages, shrinks and kills the brain cells.


Stress can be reduced by dark chocolate – It is said that eating dark chocolate reduces cortisol in the body.

Stress causes depression and anxiety – Excessive stress is associated with depression and anxiety.


Stress affects your immune system – Stress can decrease the ability of the immune system to fight infections and can make you fall sick often.

Stress management – There are ways to manage stress. It is a curable disorder. Reducing stress from your life will not only help you stay happy but also healthy.

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