2022 Numerology Predictions: From Bollywood to Sports, an Astro Numerologist shares the new year outlook

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From Bollywood to Sports, an Astro Numerologist shares the new year outlook

It’s that time of the year when all eyes remain glued to the calendar. But would the budge of the date see any change of fortune? Would the tick of the clock have any repercussions? 2021 was a grim reminder for the same! Fed-up of the pandemic and lockdowns, never has anyone ever wanted a change so bad! But what are the numbers murmuring? Leading Astro-Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani deciphers them to help us know what’s in store for us in 2022!

Looking back on 2019 and 2020

While no feeble mind had heard, let alone imagined a catastrophe like Coronavirus; our Numero-scope had foreseen a year like no other! In December 2019; predicting a lean-mean 2020, we had affirmed, "It will be a phosphorus year, not a prosperous one, and China would be villains of the peace,” thereby implying that the world would be strangled by the shackles of China! This endangerment was brought to the world’s notice by us! In the same video itself, we had already indicated ‘recovery’ for 2021 and ‘revenue’ for 2022, before it even happened.

2021 offered recovery and respite

As for 2021, our predictions too, just like the flipping of the calendar, flipped onto a positive note. We reassured everyone saying, “Recovery is a sign of progress." Well, there certainly was a great deal of recovery and respite from the onslaught of the past year! However, it’s not all good until the best walks in!

numerology predictions 2022

The outlook for 2022

2022= 6, Venus {Shukra} is linked with luxury, entertainment, beauty, peace, harmony and love (even lust!); no wonder, women are from Venus, or so they say! In fact, 2022 will be rocked and ruled by women spearheads!

Venus or No. 6 in Numerology governs those born on the 6th, 15th and 24th as well as those born in the Zodiacal Sign of Taurus and Libra.

The outlook for the entertainment industry

Speaking of entertainment, most actors in Bollywood or even Hollywood are governed by No 6, Venus or No 2, Moon which is dreamy and romantic.

In fact in Bollywood we have most Superstars born as Librans than in any other Sun Sign and this cannot be just a coincidence!

{Be it Badshah of Romance, Yash Chopra {27/09} or Big B, {11/10} Dev Anand and Chunkey Pandey {both 26/09}, Rekha {10/10}, Asha Parekh {2/10}, Hema Malini

{16/10}, Simi Garewal {17/10} Lata Mangeshkar and Ranbir Kapoor {both 28/09}, Shammi Kapoor and Khulbushan Kharbanda {both 21/10}, Mehmood {29/09}, Sunny Deol and Dance Guru, Shiamak Davar {both 19/10}, Vinod Khanna {6/10} and Feroz Khan,{25/09} both whose names too adds to 42 or 6, Tinnu Anand {12/10}, Om Puri

{18/10}, Chandrachur Singh, Divya Dutta, Kiran Kumar, Sanjay Kapoor and more.} So much is the influence of No 6, Venus in the entertainment field that not only Shahrukh Khan adds to No 42 {name} but three of the world’s biggest entertainment firms Walt Disney {33}, Universal Studios {60} and Warner Brothers {51} add to 6 too. Poona was a small town till it got rechristened to Pune that added to 24 or 6 and the progress there is for all to see after the name change.

The man who defined luxury in technology, Steve Jobs {24/03} was a # 6 too!

The world’s largest selling luxury on wheels, Toyota adds up to 24 {6} too.

New year outlook

The prospects in the field of sports and politics

Kapil Dev {06/01}, Sachin Tendulkar (24th April) and Sania Mirza (15-11-1986) are examples of Number 6 sports stars who have done well in modeling and have used their Venus qualities aptly.

Europe and Asia, both add to 6. So we can expect them to bounce back from their setbacks this year; especially from the Taurean period i.e from April-May!

International Peace treaties and diplomatic relations can get stronger between conflicting nations, as this year is characterized by peace. There should be no more loggerheads, I hope!

Luxurious   tourist destinations, Europe, France, Paris, Shanghai, Thailand, Hawaii all add to 6 as well; China and Bharat, both add to 15 or 6 too.

Thus it wouldn’t be wrong to say that India and China seem likely to have a field year! After predicting a terrible 2020 for the world due to China, we now feel that China will supersede the other mighty nations to thump a strong foothold this year! Furthermore, India is on its road to being the superpower this world has never had! 2022 is when India will start being called ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’ once again!

An icing on the cake is that there is a likelihood of India etching its name in the books of history!

Venus is the planet of Love; no wonder, both these countries in tandem have nearly as much population as the rest of the world put together; blame it on Venus!

India adds to 3, Jupiter, the biggest planet of wealth; there was an increase in employment in our 66th {3} Year. To top it, we are currently in our 75th {3} year of independence in 2022 (6), and 3-6-9 are a family of numbers lucky for each other. India’s GDP can get better this year, I reckon! So it’s fair to say that the first half of 2022 would be all about Chak De! India.

Venus is bluish-yellow, thus I feel that better times are awaiting for our ‘Men In Blue’

too! Oh, and of course the ‘Women In Blue’ too; after all, it’s the year of women! Speaking of which, for the first time ever, there have more women than men in our country! For those who remember, we had framed 2022 as the ‘year of women’ months before this news came into light, in our half yearly video! Subsequently, the universe was kind enough to back this prediction of ours!

In fact, at the fag-end of his long spanning career, our client Anil Kumble, a Libran who is ruled by Venus (6) was suggested a Diamond, and within 3 months of doing so, he was surprisingly throned as the Test Captain.

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