3 Fun ways to build a meaningful bond with your little niece or nephew

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Fun ways to build a meaningful bond with your little niece or nephew
3 Fun ways to build a meaningful bond with your little niece or nephew

Children are curious by nature and seek to connect with the adults around them. While building a bond with your niece or nephew shouldn’t be difficult, it can seem daunting to those who have little to no experience of being around kids. So if you wish to have a fun and friendly relationship with your brother’s kids or your sister’s children, then read on. We bring you a few cool ways you can be the fun aunt or uncle they will always cherish!


Create fun rituals where you can make lasting memories

Having a fun ritual that just the two of you routinely do together can make a lasting impact. If your niece or nephew happens to love sports, it could be watching test cricket or the cricket world cup together every year, or perhaps viewing the Olympics on TV. On the other hand, you can also take them to a quirky ice-cream parlor to get sundaes or even go to a local video game parlor pizza every month as a tradition. Use this as an opportunity to bond with your niece.

bonding with your niece

Create a safe space for them to share all their secrets

Their parents are probably in a position where they punish the kids for mischief or indiscretions. However, as you will not be disciplining them or scolding them, it puts you in a unique position to be their confidant. You can be the person they go to for honest advice on life and even their first crush.


Go big on presents they would love

A lot of family members are known for getting kids presents that are either practical or educational. But you can keep things interesting by getting them that coveted toy or holiday gift they would be thrilled with. While it needn’t always be expensive, it is the joy of a fun present that warms that heart of a child.

bonding with your nephew

That being said, being a great aunt or uncle entails doing more than bringing the best presents to the party. Letting the children know that you’re always there for them should they ever need someone to lean on is imperative and would make all the difference in the world!

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