3 Most hated zodiac signs in astrology

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3 Most hated zodiac signs in astrology

People are different from each other in terms of their nature, behaviour, manners and reacting to everything. And these are all influenced highly by the surroundings, upbringing and genetics.

But apart from those things, zodiac signs have a great impact on us. Our nature and personality traits are highly affected by them as well. That’s why certain zodiac signs are always hated most of the time because their zodiac signs influence their nature a lot.

Most hated zodiac signs in astrology:


Scorpions are highly passionate and work hard to reach their goals. But at the same time, they are quite vindictive and manipulative. They are tough to get along with. If they like someone, they won’t easily be reachable to them. They will make it hard as much as possible which often intimidates others. Scorpions are often hated by others. But they have a great nurturing quality which makes them compassionate and empathetic.


Well, the two-faced Gemini people are usually considered to be fake. Constantly looking out for new entertainment, these people hardly get into serious commitments. And they also like to gossip a lot which makes it hard for them to keep anything secret. But they have deep knowledge about everything which makes them curious. Geminis are good conversationalists.


Leos are confident, bold and risk-takers. But they are often disliked for their attention-seeking nature. Irrespective of the occasion, they always seek the opportunity to get all the spotlight on them only. And they somehow successfully manage to do so. If they fail to get the attention, then it makes them impulsive as they are very egoistic as well. Apart from that, Leos most of the time think only about themselves and hardly have time to give attention to other’s needs. But Leos are highly creative and super talented.

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Anonymous : Aishwarya and SRK...Scorpios......operate secretively, jealous and vindictive. Kjo.....Gemini.....two faced gossip monger.
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Anonymous : I'm a gemini and I only gossip if I hate someone and want to ruin there life's So please get that correct and we may be to faced at least you can't know which one is the real us.
REPLY 5 2 months ago
Anonymous : Girl spell two faced correctly. First of all, YALL EXTREMELY TWO FACED, like I see the reason geminis would get hate. Y’all just need to straighten out. Plus i’m a leo and i can care less wtf u gotta say about us.
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