3 Reasons why Aquarius dating a Cancer is a doomed relationship

Take a look at three reasons why a Cancer and Aquarius relationship is considered to be doomed.

Updated on Jan 25, 2022 06:19 PM IST  |  644.5K
Reasons why an Aquarius dating a Cancer is a doomed relationship
3 Reasons why an Aquarius dating a Cancer is a doomed relationship
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When you consider the compatibility of these signs, you see that one is a water sign, while the other is an air sign. Moreover, Cancer is a cardinal sign, whereas, Aquarius happens to be fixed. In essence, these aspects speak of their approach to life and love. While Cancer is all about welcoming new people and making a fresh start by being open emotionally, Aquarius is more focused and analytical. So, take a look at three reasons why their relationship is considered to be doomed.

cancer sign of the zodiac

  1. Aquarius will struggle with Cancer’s mood swings

Aquarius are known to be level-headed signs and they have little patience for drama in a relationship. While Cancer believes in being their authentic self, this is a sign that is prone to mood swings and their feelings oscillate. Hence, Aquarius will be short tempered with the water sign, which will hurt Cancer’s feelings and make them feel lonely.

  1. They are emotionally incompatible

While Cancers are known to be very emotional, Aquarius is aloof. They tend to be polar opposites when it comes to their feelings, as there will be times when Cancer wishes to cling on, while all Aquarius seeks is space in their relationship. Hence, while one chases freedom, the other desires vulnerability, which makes them emotionally incompatible in a relationship.

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  1. Cancer is quick to commit, while Aquarius is a free spirit

Cancer cares deeply and is often a people pleaser, should they notice Aquarius having the slightest bit of trouble, they would show up to help and refuse to leave. While Aquarius values loyalty, they are a fixed sign and hence, would need a long time before they determine the extent of their feelings and commit to a partner. This may not sit well with Cancer who loves deeply but also commits quickly.

While both these signs do not care for short flings, they’re also likely to find better partners elsewhere in the Zodiac.

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